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Things You Can Put Into Your Bong Besides Water

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After you’ve been smoking a while, bong hits become routine. That’s why some stoners like to use things besides water in their bong. What else could you possibly put in there besides water? You’d be surprised! Here’s what some innovative, or perhaps just curious stoners have put in their bongs. Honestly, I would only recommend trying some of these with a bong that you don’t care that much about.


Putting soda in a bong is fairly common, surprisingly. Some smokers say that the carbonation feels amazing, and others say that it’s harsh as hell. One soda lover said that he likes to wait until the soda is flat before using it. I actually have tried this one before. We were on a road trip and had no water, so we poured Coke in the bong. It was gross and I would never do it again. If you were going to put soda in there, it would probably be better to use Sprite or 7-Up. Some have reported that it makes your hit really smooth and refreshing, which sounds just like a commercial if you ask me.


Many stoners prefer to use warmer water in their bongs for a number of reasons. Some adventurous stoners have taken the next step, and put hot tea in their bongs. Apparently this is really helpful when you have a sore throat, which as you know makes smoking from a bong much more difficult. Of the water substitutes that people have used over the years, this one sounds a bit more reasonable, and it would be easier to clean afterward than soda would. I might actually try it.


Smokers who have tried using mouthwash in their bong say they absolutely loved it. Apparently it makes your hit taste minty fresh. Some who’ve tried it said that they had fresh breath afterward and no cottonmouth. I’ve never tried this one either and I don’t think I will, mainly because mouthwash is expensive, and cleaning it is probably a chore.

Fruit Juice

If you’re craving something sweet, and don’t want to use soda, you could always try fruit juice! Though probably not as sticky as soda, fruit juice seems like it would still make a bit of a mess. However, fruit juice apparently makes your hit taste delicious. You’ve gotta get your daily recommended amount of Vitamin C somehow, right?

Flavored Water

Using flavored water like Vitamin Water, is pretty popular in some circles. Flavored water is one of the most reasonable alternatives to water, since it is still water after all. I’m told that like fruit juice, flavored water makes your hit taste awesome. There are so many different varieties of flavored water, you’re bound to like at least one of them.


It’s not exactly a water alternative, but still different. I’ve never heard of anyone putting snow in their bong, but this is pretty popular in colder areas of the world. Apparently the snow melts just fast enough for it to be feasible, but slow enough that it keeps your bong very cold. Make sure that you are using clean snow though. Remember the saying “don’t eat yellow snow”? The same goes for smoking it.


Putting milk in your bong sounds like it would be absolutely disgusting. I really don’t think you should do it, but if you’re that curious, go for it. Some tokers like to use chocolate milk because it makes your hit taste just like a milkshake. Finally you get to blow bubbles in your chocolate milk without getting in trouble for it. If you start laughing mid-hit and milk comes out your nose, you’ve probably used too much.

Food Coloring

This is by far the most acceptable thing to put in your bong because you’re still using water. Food coloring won’t make a mess and it does not affect the taste of your bud. Using food coloring also looks really cool if you have a multi chambered bong.

Most of these I would never dream of trying because, ew. Cleaning a bong is already kind of a hassle, but cleaning a bong after it’s had milk or soda in it sounds like the most annoying chore ever. Some people though, really like not using water and I won’t judge them for it. You do whatever makes you happy. Just try not to ruin a perfectly good bong.

Featured Image Source: Youtube-CustomGrow420

Have you tried using any of these? Do you plan to after reading this? Let us know in the comments!