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5 Things You Must Know To Become A Budtender

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These days everyone wants to become a budtender. I don’t blame them, being a budtender would be a pretty amazing job. Before you attempt to become one, there are some things that you should know. A passion for cannabis is a great start, but there are some things that every good budtender must know.

Have Some Knowledge Of Cannabis

Before attempting to become a budtender, you should definitely have some rudimentary knowledge of cannabis. No, I do not mean knowing how to smoke it. I mean you should know the difference between indica and sativa. You should also know what they do. For example, sativas are more psychoactive, whereas indicas give the user a more relaxing high. You should probably be able to recognize indicas and sativas on sight, which you won’t be perfect at first, but you’ll probably pick it up pretty quickly.

Medical Benefits Of Cannabis

If you want to be a good budtender, then you should definitely know a lot about the medical benefits of cannabis. Potential customers are going to be asking you what strains are the best for treating headaches, anxiety, etc. For example, if a customer asks you what strain would be best to help them with anxiety, you should know to recommend an indica.

Basic Knowledge Of Concentrates

Concentrates are quickly becoming the most popular way to consume cannabis, so you should absolutely know what concentrates are, and you should know the different types: wax, budder, shatter, honey, etc. You should also know more than a thing or two about dabbing, such as the different types of dab rigs, nails, and you get the idea. Along with dabbing, you should also have extensive knowledge of vaping. Be up to date on all the new ways of consuming cannabis.

How Dosing Works

All good budtenders should know a lot about edibles and dosing. Customers are going to be asking you a lot of questions about the different types of edibles available. Different edibles do different things and there are a LOT of varieties of edibles on the market. You should know about everything from candies to cannabis infused drinks.

Cannabis Laws

Dispensaries are required to follow a lot of strict laws in order to stay in business, so you need to know everything about compliance laws in your area. Selling customers products that are not compliant with your state or country’s laws could not only lose you your job, your dispensary could lose their license as well.

Being a budtender is a fun and rewarding job for sure, but before you attempt to be one, you need to make sure that you are knowledgeable in all of these things. Few people start their careers right off as a budtender. They usually start off as a cashier first to gain the experience and expertise that they need. Be wary of certification programs, as some of them are not what they claim to be. It helps to know someone who actually works in the industry. There’s a lot of things that you need to know, so it’s a good thing that researching cannabis is a lot of fun.

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