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There’s No Weed Allowed at Coachella

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Recreational weed is legal in California, so that means you’ll be able to smoke up while you’re hanging out at Coachella, right? Nope, as it turns out. Coachella has not embraced the rest of the state’s enlightened attitude toward cannabis and have instead decided to completely ban it.

It’s not all that surprising of a move. Despite the popular music festival’s progressive appearance, it is anything but. Over the years since Coachella was first established, the festival has become a shell of what it once was, a haven for corporate greed, as well as girls in obnoxious headresses. What even is the lineup this year? Is anyone good playing?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there are one or two or five awesome bands there that I would be dying to see, but if there’s not only not going to be any ganja to smoke, but bringing it in is actively banned, I can think of other things that I would rather do the weekend of Coachella. Maybe I’ll start my own music festival strictly for cannabis lovers. This has got to be a new idea right?

If you are going to Coachella and you are going to try to sneak in some herb, I should probably tell you not to. They are going to be on high alert for that type of thing and you don’t want to be made an example of. Maybe just do some edibles in the car beforehand?

Source: Billboard

Image Source: Washington Times

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