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5 THC Toiletries To Revitalize Your Morning Routine

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States across America began legalizing cannabis for medical and recreational use and the legal cannabis business has grown tremendously. There are many cool products available now containing cannabis oil known as cannabidiol, or CBD. When you think of things made from cannabis, you probably think of food and beverages. However, many innovative companies have reimagined common toiletries like those you use every day, all containing cannabis.

Whoopi & Maya’s Medical Cannabis Rub

Whoopi & Maya was started this past April by actress Whoopi Goldberg and business woman Maya Elisabeth. Their company sells cannabis infused products geared toward women for things such as skin care, dietary supplements and even menstrual cramps. Whoopi and Maya’s Medical Cannabis Rub is composed of different herbs known to be beneficial for helping cramps, including CBDs. Cannabis is commonly used to treat menstrual cramping, but most women can’t just smoke a joint and then go to work. Whoopi’s rub makes it possible for women to keep their pain reliever with them throughout the day, as one would carry around a Midol.

Cibaderm Skin and Hair Care Products

Cibaderm has the distinction of being the first commercial beauty product line to sell products containing CBDs. Studies have shown that CBDs boost the immune system, which is vital for growing healthy skin, hair and nails. Cibaderm offers a variety of skin care products infused with cannabis oil designed to do just that. Their shampoo contains the highest legal concentration of CBD legally available on the market, so it’s time for a new type of “Herbal Essence”.

Freya Personal CBD Sexual Lubricant

We all know that cannabis can make sex better. Freya’s CBD infused lube accomplishes this in a way that simply smoking a joint will not. What makes Freya’s products different from the other types of lubes available is that they contain CBDs which have been reported to increase stamina and give you a better orgasm. Freya’s also contains all natural herbs such as peppermint oil and coconut oil, as opposed to harsh chemicals with difficult to pronounce names.

Mary’s Medicinals Transdermal Patch

Anyone who has suffered from chronic migraines knows that they can come from out of nowhere and ruin your entire day. Colorado-based Mary’s Medicinals sells a transdermal patch containing cannabis oil. Mary’s patches work the same way a nicotine patch does by releasing a precise dosage of CBD into your system over a 12 hour period. The patches can easily be worn anywhere on the body and come in dosages of either 10 or 20 mg.

Cannabis Cosmetics Acne Cream

We already know that cannabis is good for your skin and nails, but did you know that it can even be used to treat acne? Cannabis Cosmetics’ Cannaderm Acne Skin Cream (Aknea) uses hemp oil, oak bark, myrrh, and thyme as part of their revolutionary new acne treatment. Aknea works to stimulate production of new skin cells by renewing pH balance and rehydrating skin. One treatment lasts all day and Aknea does not leave the greasy residue on your skin that other acne treatments tend to do.

This is only the tip of the iceberg where cannabis infused products are concerned. More companies are jumping on the commercialized cannabis train, which will continue to benefit the cannabis consumer.

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Using each of these new commodities is certainly guaranteed to make your morning routine a little less “routine.” Have you tried any of these products? What were your experiences? Let us know in the comments!