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Teens Using E-Cigarettes for Weed?

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The story has been all over the internet over the past 24 hours. Experts have discovered that the kids are still using the pot and doing it in ways befitting our technological age. Gasp! As Fox News reports, researchers who were studying the use of e-cigarettes among teenagers were “surprised to find that nearly one in five high school students who admitted to using the device have also used it to vaporize cannabis or byproducts like hash oil.”

Surprised? Really? 30 years ago, they were using apples and soda cans. But yes, they are really surprised. As Dr. Suchitra Krishnan-Sarin, a professor of Psychiatry at Yale told the news outlet, “We did not anticipate the marijuana use with e-cigarettes.” Apparently, Krishnan-Sarin and her colleagues, though obviously accomplished academically, aren’t so knowledgeable when it comes to ways to toke up, or anything regarding teenagers in general, for that matter.

The study was conducted by surveying a total of 3,847 Connecticut high school students. Of those surveyed, 27.9% acknowledged they had used e-cigarettes, and of that 27.9%, 18.7% admit to using the devices to consume marijuana.

Though no one wants to see kids using cannabis recreationally, it’s hard to figure out how this news is shocking, or even all that negative. The truly bad news here is that kids are still getting hooked on nicotine, albeit through an arguably slightly less harmful medium. The fact that a fraction of those kids who use the devices aren’t ingesting such a deadly poison as nicotine only means that some of them might not grow up with an addiction to a substance that has a Bible-long list of side effects. Kids shouldn’t smoke pot; that is a fact. But the fact that a few of them are using electronic vaporizers to ingest cannabis isn’t any more disturbing than a kid at a party using a beer funnel to chug Natty Ice.

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