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Take A Trip Down Memory Lane With A Memory Weed Box

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I’m sure most of us would like to turn back time to some of our favorite smoke sessions, but it can sometimes be hard to recall. Recently I saw an incredible way to collect memories of your past sessions into what’s called a “Weed Memory Box.” The idea is to collect weed from your favorite sessions, or just sessions when you have a surplus and can spare a bit, then you roll it into a joint and then logging the details of your toke. Save up for a couple years and you might find that you have a hella stock of not only joints, but good memories!

Step 1:

Every time you’re celebrating an event or happy occasion, or even just when you find yourself having a surplus of green, put enough to the side to roll a joint.

Step 2:

Find a way to mark each joint with relevant information from the smoke session. The easiest way might be to write it on the roach, or maybe labeling each with a sticky note. Relevant information you might want to write down would be stuff like the strain you’re smoking and the date.

Step 3:

Roll your joint. If you labeled your roach, make sure you have it facing out when you’re rolling your J or that effort will be for naught.

Step 4:

Place it into the box along with your collection.

Step 5:

One day, when you’re strolling down memory lane, pick out a joint or two and reflect on the good times!

Tutorial originally posted by TheSaltDemon on Reddit
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Who else is excited to make their very own weed memory box?