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Tahoe Does Not Want You to Bring your Weed

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This winter marks the first season where recreational cannabis will be available in both California and Nevada, two popular destinations for both skiiing and snowboarding. Finally you’ll be able to hit the slopes in one of the many awesome resorts in Lake Tahoe while smoking a joint of some extra sticky herb you picked up for the occasion. Well, not exactly. Tahoe does not want you to bring your weed with you when you ski or snowboard on any of their trails this winter.

Officials at the California Ski Association don´t think that legal weed is going to affect their attendance or the amount of stoners that show up to ski at Tahoe or other famous ski resorts in Nevada or California.”Legalizing marijuana is not an invitation to come to the ski resort and smoke marijuana,” said Michael Reitzell, a spokesman for California Ski Industry Association. “For some reason, people think outdoors sports are different than other sports. Would you smoke pot and play basketball or any other sport where you could really injure yourself if you weren’t sharp,” he continued. I don’t know how familiar Reitzell is with stoner culture in general.

The popular resorts, like the ones in Lake Tahoe, have not changed their policies regarding bringing your herb with you on the trail, but it doesn’t seem like they’re going to put in too much effort to enforce their no weed policies. Mike Person, a spokesperson for Mount Rose Ski Tahoe had this to say,As far as taking increased steps and actively educating people, no, we haven’t really done that. We have a bar on sight, but we don’t actively go out and tell people don’t go skiing if you’ve had this many drinks. You’re responsible for your own actions.”

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should just toke up openly on the mountain. You probably shouldn’t go in ridiculously baked either. As lame as this might sound, you can hurt yourself pretty badly, if you’re not careful. As with all things, use caution, but definitely have fun!

Source: Reno Gazette Journal

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Will you be hitting up the slopes at Tahoe or anywhere else this winter? Will you be bringing your herb? Tell us in the comments!