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Summertime Activities That Are Way More Fun Baked

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June is here, which means that we are all coming out of wintertime hermit mode. No matter where you live, there are plenty of activities to do outside. All of these activities are fun, but they are even more fun when you are stoned.

Riding a bike

Whether you don’t have a car, or you are trying to be more environmentally conscious, riding a bike is a great way to get around. Riding a bike is even more fun when you are baked. Especially if you live somewhere that has great bike trails. You know how awesome flying down a hill feels, imagine that feeling while stoned.

People watching

People are fascinating to watch. Everyone has a different story and every story is unique and interesting. After burning one down, try going to your favorite bar or cafe, sit at the outdoor patio and just watch everyone who passes by. Make up stories about them in your head. Where are they going, and why are they always in such a damn hurry?

Going to a Farmer’s Market

Going to the farmer’s market is always a guaranteed good time for a stoner. After all, there’s tons of food there and most of it is healthy and CHEAP. After smoking up, head down to your local farmer’s market (yes, you have one) and stock up on enough snacks to last you until, at least the end of the afternoon. You might be thinking fruits and vegetables are nice, but I want snack food, not rabbit food. Most farmer’s markets have plenty of options to pick from. I’d go with that homemade salsa.

Squirt gun fight/ water balloon fight

When we were kids we were all in a fight with squirt guns, water balloons, or both. Remember the sense of satisfaction you got from getting one of your friends directly in the head with a high-powered water gun, or hiding in a tree and dive-bombing someone. On a triple digit degree day, gather your best buds (ha!), stock up on guns and balloons, and go nuts.

Rafting a River

Quite possibly one of the best summertime activities, stock up the cooler and pack a few joints for the ride. Light one up after successfully navigating some white water rapids, or before if that’s more your thing. My favorite is parking the raft along the way, consuming some cannabis and exploring in the woods. You and your friends can pretend that you’re a group of explorers, or better yet, pirates!

Swimming in a pool

Whether you have an in ground or just a small, inflatable kiddie pool, you can’t deny the amazing and refreshing feeling of immersing yourself in freezing cold water on a hundred degree day. Get the coolest floatie toy you can find (they even make floaties that look like a slice of pizza now) spark up a spliff and pretend like you’re a dolphin, a shark, a mermaid, or whatever. It’s summer and you’ve earned it.

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Did we leave one of your favorite activities out? Let us know in the comments!