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How You Store Your Cannabis Says A Lot About You

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If I could, I’d store all of my cannabis in a large dresser-like cabinet, with a dozen shelves that could hold various sizes of jars for all the different strains I have.¬†Of course this is just a fantasy, I really have various little jars and tupperware that I use to store my cannabis. Whether or not you realize it, some stoners put a lot of thought into how they store their cannabis so that it fits their lifestyle. Does the way you store cannabis help or hinder you at all? Let’s find out!


You’re someone who specifically went to the store with the best selection of tupperware, spent thirty minutes just looking at all the different brands, styles, and sizes before attempting to narrow it down to the most appropriate cannabis containers. You’re organized, you pay plenty of attention to detail, and you appreciate easy access to your cannabis. Tupperware is great for at-home users in my opinion, they make it quite easy to store your cannabis in an air-tight container that isn’t flimsy or tacky.


You live the life ready to be on the go. You always keep a pair of pants, a shirt, and a little snack baggie of canna-goodness in your backpack at all times. You like to think you could live your life out of your bag, and aren’t necessarily attached to any specific place in life. Unfortunately, even when your little baggie grows to be a trash bag, you still wish you could carry it with you. There’s something about having all of your bud hitting your back as you walk down the street that makes you feel safe. Don’t forget that just because baggies are easy to transport, doesn’t mean you should.

Vacuum-sealed bags

Vacuum-sealed bags are a sure sign of a dedicated toker that appreciates planning. Someone who seals their cannabis in completely airtight baggies is someone who looks forward into the future and likes to be prepared. People who store cannabis this way I’ve found to generally be more patient, and better listeners. However this tendency to focus on the future can lead someone to miss out on what is right in front of them, so don’t forget to leave some bud out of the vacuum bag for a joint, okay?

Mason Jars

Imagine a dozen jars filled to the brim with leafy green, each jar containing it’s own strain. The jars sit along a polished oak shelf, with labels under each jar listing the strain name, place of origin, and THC percentage. If this image reminds you at all of your home, or you wish it did, then you’re definitely someone who cares about the beauty of the world. You appreciate visual art, cohesion, presentation. Although you certainly enjoy your cannabis like nobody is watching, in your mind all the world’s a stage, and you are the lead!


Your cannabis is a treasure to you, and like all good treasure, you keep it inside the hidden compartment in the innocuous tissue box on your desk where nobody would think to look. You treat cannabis like it’s your secret, and you generally keep it in places only you know about or have access to. This leads people to believe you’re very protective, and care deeply about your privacy. Remember there’s nothing wrong with a few secrets and a little bit of mystery in your life, but if it takes you more time to just get to your bud than it does to smoke it, you might want to find an easier way to store your bud.

Featured Image Source: tumblr

There’s plenty of ways to store your bud, you might even keep bud in various places! What is your preferred method of cannabis organization? Let us know in the comments!