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Which Stoner Sign Are You? Check Out The Official Cannabis Zodiac!

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Ever been curious what it would be like if there was such a thing as a stoner zodiac? Well now you can feast your eyes and have your fantasies answered! Behold!

1. Joint

Jan. 1- Feb. 14

You’re the leader of the crew, you are widely respected and well-known. You are always there for people when you need them, and you always know how to get the party started. They call you the master of the roll, because you always keep your head cool, and roll the straightest J’s. Although you are busy, can’t be everywhere at once, and tend to burn out relatively easily, you do your best to be there for anyone you can, and everyone recognizes it.

2. Sherlock

Feb. 15- April 2

An appreciator of sophistication, you proclaim yourself a purveyor of the fine arts, and you like it to be known. With your collection of the ‘finer things,’ you feel best equipped to tackle what the world wants to throw at you in the most fabulous manner possible. You always have the cleanest and newest glass, the largest variety of rolling papers, and make it a point to educate others how to clean their pipes.

3. Bubbler

April 3- May 18

You tend to bounce around with glee and go from activity to activity, so long as you can toke a bowl prior! A day never goes by without you trying something or meeting someone new, you look forward to going to work and you love working with your hands. Experiencing the beauty of the world is your life’s mission! (And if you happened to be stoned while doing it, you definitely wouldn’t complain!) You don’t spend a lot of time worrying about material things, you could pack everything you needed into a backpack.

4. Spliff

May 19- July 6

Some people think you’re a rebel without a cause. You break rules you don’t care about, and like to do things people say are ‘weird,’ but really know that they’re just not cool enough to do them. You dance to your own beat! You sometimes rub people the wrong way, but you also have many friends that think you’re a total badass. Although sometimes you feel torn between two different parts inside of you, at the end of the day you realize all that really matters is working towards inner harmony.

5. Spoon Bowl

July 7- Aug 22

You can be a bit of a wallflower, which is not to say that you’re not memorable, it’s in fact quite the opposite. People feel comforted by your presence, and rely on it to ensure they feel safe in the situation they’re in. You’re practically the silent protector, a dark knight, (that’s right, you’re a lot like Batman), but that doesn’t mean you don’t know how to let loose when you want to!

6. Blunt

Aug. 23- Oct. 8

You like to party hard, but everyone is impressed at your ability to stay strong throughout the night. Nobody forgets the first time they hung out with you. Occasionally you can come on a little strong and people are hesitant to approach you, but people eventually always realize that no party is complete without you!

7. Vaporizer

Oct. 9- Nov. 24

A little bit of a health nut, you’re always looking for new ways to improve your body’s ability to thrive in the natural world. You also tend to focus on developing technology in the world, and are always looking towards a sustainable future. Although you might get the occasional ‘tree hugger’ joke, you just want to create a better world for everyone to live in, and encourage others to live the same way!

8. Bong

Nov. 25- Dec. 31

The couch is the most comfortable place for you. You are aware of all the digital additions to Netflix and Hulu each week, and you also make it a point to have a personal rating for everything as well. Just because you focus on creating a sense of ease in your life does not make you inactive, you just like to think you prioritize a life of comfort!

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What Stoner Sign are you? How accurate is it? Let us know in the comments!