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Being A Stoner Isn’t Just A Hobby, It’s A Lifestyle

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As a stoner, you probably take some flak. Not to say that people generally dislike stoners, but there are still negative stigmas that surround the cannabis culture. I think that this all starts when people assume that being a stoner is simply a hobby, something lazy kids do when they’re bored. The truth is there’s a lot more to the cannabis community beneath the surface like an entire economy, a medicinal field, an entire culture that is open to everyone!

1. Cannabis Is Used All Over The World For Recreational And Medical Benefits

It’s not as if just the folks in Colorado and Washington are the ones smoking cannabis, people enjoy the magical plant all around the world, regardless of its current legal standing. People have been fighting for their rights for years to utilize cannabis not only as a recreational means to blow off some steam, but as a life-saving medicine for a variety of different medical conditions. Although there are only a few states right now enjoying the limelight of legalized cannabis, this movement is worldwide with millions of supporters, and partakers.

2. Hobbies Don’t Tend To Get WorldWide Political Movements

Let’s be honest, how many “hobbies” do you see get political movements these days? None? Thought so. People don’t stand and fight for the rights of things they don’t believe in, and cannabis is no different. If we even look back to prohibition in early 20th century America we see an example of how people refused to give up their booze regardless of the government’s rules. Although cannabis and alcohol are very different, the fact remains the same that enough people feel passionate about the benefits of cannabis, recreationally and medically, to stand up and speak in support despite the current political climate.

3. It Doesn’t Just Get You High, It’s Medicine, Too

From anxiety relief to helping chronic pain, sleep aid to epilepsy treatment, cannabis isn’t just something that gets users high. With every passing day the world is growing more confident in the medical uses of cannabis, and every study that is released continues to tell us what we already know: cannabis can help patients with next to no risks, especially when compared to other prescription drugs utilized today.

4. The Global Cannabis Economy Is Growing Daily

Cannabis legalization efforts are succeeding worldwide, and thus increase the amount of legal money being circulated in relation to cannabis. While state governments have made a fortune on taxing legal weed, there are multitudes of other benefits cannabis has to the economy. With every state that legalizes cannabis we see a great influx of need for new jobs to fill this market. From budtenders to growers, strain reviewers to edible chefs, cannabis is diversifying and expanding the small business economy to create a new stream of employment and income for stoners everywhere!

5. Cannabis Brings People Together

After fighting for our ability to enjoy cannabis for a multitude of years, stoners all around the world can comfortably say that they feel like they’re a part of something bigger, and they are. Regardless of your personal beliefs, it’s impossible to deny the fact that the history of cannabis has led to a worldwide movement of people connected via a single plant. Whether cannabis is a medicine to you, it’s your job, or it’s just a way to unwind after a long day, there are millions of people all over the world that stand with you in support.

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