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More Stoner Hacks You Didn’t Know You Needed: Part 1

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We stoners are busy people who enjoy convenience. We’re also quite resourceful too! Earlier we covered some of the best stoner hacks out there guaranteed to make your life easier. Well it should come as no surprise that there tons more stoner hacks out there, ones that you never knew you needed in your life until now!

Use an Old Mascara Brush to Clean your Grinder

This stoner hack was taught to me rather recently by one of the coolest stoners I know. Take an old dried out tube of mascara (ladies you surely have more than a couple rolling around in your makeup case). Let the applicator soak for a good few hours in a mixture of rubbing alcohol, warm water and dish soap. Et voila! You now have a small brush for cleaning the screen on your grinder! If you don’t have an old mascara lying around, you can always go grab some from Sephora, Ulta, or any other makeup counter, gratis!

A Wooden Key Rack Makes a Good Bowl Holder

Wooden key racks are great for those of us who would lose our heads were they not attached to our bodies. In a pinch, they also make great bowl holders! Once you have as many bowls as I have, you’ll find that a bowl holder can really come in handy. Key racks with the straight wooden pegs will also do the job nicely. Make sure that you find one that will fit your slide bowl’s designated joint size! If you don’t want to risk getting the wrong size, we do have plenty of bowl holders to choose from right here at!

stoner hacks grinder screen

Use an old mascara applicator to clean your grinder screen! Image Source: YouTube

Add Dish Soap to your Rubbing Alcohol for Cleaner Glass

No one likes cleaning their glass, but it’s absolutely necessary if you want to keep your glass collection looking nice and pristine. The most common method for cleaning glass is using rubbing alcohol, warm water, and coarse salt such as epsom or sea salt. This method is effective, but not always completely successful in getting all the grime off. What you need is a little something extra, something like a little bit of Dawn © dish soap. You don’t need a lot, just a small little squirt should do the trick. Why this particular brand? It does not leave residue behind once you rinse it out. Personally, I recommend mixing a solution of rubbing alcohol and dish soap together beforehand so the two substances have a chance to properly mix together. Of course, if you don’t want to bother with making your own bong cleaner, you can always grab some here!

Get a Tray! 

Any cannabis enthusiast knows the value of having a good rolling tray. This is not only for rolling joints (though if you are an avid joint roller, a rolling tray is necessary for living), but a good sized tray makes for the transportation for a smoke station. I visit my neighbors a lot and as such am always bringing my smoke supplies back and forth from my house to theirs. I got tired of carrying things in my purse and/or having my hands full. Then I borrowed my friend’s tray for a couple weeks. A good tray not only serves as a safe surface to roll joints, it’s also a good shelf for carrying a grinder, an ashtray, papers, and of course a glass piece. I like to keep a smaller tray within my tray that is just used for rolling joints. We’ll talk more on how to build the perfect tray at a later date.

Image Source: Leafly

Got any other stoner hacks we need to know about? Tell us in the comments!