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Stoner Breakthroughs We Wish We Had in 1969

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Advancements in stoner technology have made life as a smoker so much better since the days of disco. How often do you think about the smoking tools that you use every day? Try to picture your life without them. These are reasons why life as a millennial marijuana user is better than being a stoner “back in the day”.

We Have Grinders

Every stoner should own a good grinder.( If you don’t have one, you can go here to buy one.) Grinders are awesome because they allow you to easily break apart your cannabis without losing precious kief and oils on your hands. Grinders were something that would have been very useful back in 1970, as so many retro stoners were smoking joints. Grinders also save your kief, so you have something to smoke when you run out.

More Potent Pot

You might have heard your parents say that the cannabis we smoke now is much better than the cannabis they smoked in 1970. This is true. What your parents smoked was commonly referred to as “grass” because that’s what it resembled. It tasted mild compared with the different strains available today. Your parents were not smoking purple kush and getting baked off of a couple hits. One of the reasons everyone was smoking joints in 1969 was because they needed to smoke a lot more cannabis to get as high as today’s stoners do off of one bowl. Once people learned how to grow hydroponically and cross breed the possibilities were endless! Today there are thousands of strains to choose from, all guaranteed to get you high as a kite.

We Use Higher Quality Glass

Vintage stoners did not have as much variety as we do now when it came to pieces to smoke with. This was also one of the reasons that your parents smoked a lot of joints. There were handblown glass pieces in 1969, but they weren’t readily available and they weren’t the high quality that we are accustomed to today. Today’s pieces are made from borosilicate glass, a type of glass made from silicate and boron trioxide. Borosilicate glass is more heat resistant than glass used in the past. This is why your pipes are less likely to break!

We Have Percolators

With the advancements in glass on glass technology, we’ve now been able to develop cool tools like percolators, ash catchers, diffusers, and oil rigs. All of these things are designed specifically to give you a smoother, more pure, and all around better tasting hit.

So Many Online Guides/ Forums

In 1969 I wasn’t even born yet, but even I didn’t have the luxury of online forums when I started smoking almost 20 years ago. There were a couple of forums that you could visit, but they weren’t nearly as in-depth as what you have now. Before the internet you had to rely on what you learned from your friends, and sometimes a lot of trial and error. Nowadays if you have a question related to cannabis, all you need to do is google it.

The Best Online Head Shops

Thanks to the internet, we now have access to online head shops where you can find anything that you could ever desire for your smoking needs. Before the days of online shopping you could go to your local head shop, but that became quite the task when the anti-drug movement began to take off. Today no matter where you live, you can have a high quality piece discretely delivered right to your doorstep.

2016 is a great time to be a stoner. There are so many ways that advancements in stoner technology have made your life as a stoner easier. You not only have great ganja to smoke, you also have amazing ways to smoke it.

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