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Being a Stoner in an Alcoholic’s World

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It is an individual person’s choice whether or not to drink, just as it is their choice whether or not to try cannabis, but do you feel like society makes it easier to choose alcohol? With cannabis still illegal in most countries, it can be easy to see how that is the case. How does this affect the average, everyday stoner? Check out some of the indicators of being a stoner living in an alcoholic world below!

1. Be an activist

Buy a sticker, put it on your binder. Throw a magnet on your fridge. Maybe even represent the ol’ rasta colors every now and then, do as much more or less as you would like, but don’t be passive! Give something to the cause, even if it’s just your internal support. Cannabis is outlawed in most countries in the world still today, and is making it’s move for legality in countries around the world, if you want to see legal cannabis in a store near you someday, it will only work with your help!

2. Being discrete

Discretion is key. Discretion. Is. Key. Unless you live somewhere like Washington or Colorado at least. If you’re at home, this means paying attention to the smell mainly, so I recommend lighting up some incense, candles, or make yourself a spoof (a paper-towel roll stuffed with dryer sheets, trust me). When you’re going out and about however, you’re facing a whole different set of dilemmas. Staying out of sight, keeping the smell from sticking in any one area, appearing high; and you have to deal with transporting your goodies, say to a park, a concert, or just to pick up the pizza. One way you can easily deal with the problem of being prepared is purchasing a SMOcan Smoking System from GrassCity; it contains a storage compartment, a single-hitter bat, a grinder, and even a place for you to store a mini-BIC lighter, perfect for all-around on the go use!

3. Bitch, moan, cry your heart out. (Then light it up)

Personally, I smoke enough cannabis to hardly ever pick up a drink. Although a beer or a glass of wine every now and then is something that I enjoy, it’s not something I enjoy every day by a longshot. When you’re surrounded by bars, booze, and stumbling drunks in every downtown scene and on every Friday night, it can seem like you have nowhere to go. There’s no comfy couch in a corner with your name on it to sit in and enjoy your cannabis whilst nibbling on some kitchen-fresh appetizers, not yet, at least. You feel left out, while half of your friends continue on into the hazy corridor, the other half are looking for a discrete place to toke. So what do you do in a situation like this? Smoke more cannabis, of course.

4. Finding stable employment

The true curse of cannabis is not that it is illegal, or the fact that there is no conclusive research as to its negative effects, but rather the fact that it sticks around. Due to the fact that cannabis leaves traces of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) lasting in your bloodstream after ingestion, for anywhere from days to months after, it can lead to difficulties finding employment at establishments that do a regular multi-testing paneled drug test. While some employers may still ignore the traces of THC in your system, it is nearly impossible to flush the THC out completely with anything other than time. This gives other substances like alcohol, LSD, and amphetamines an unfair advantage over cannabis, due to their active ingredients half-lives extending to around 48 hours on average, meaning that there is no trace of those drugs in an individual’s blood stream two days after use.

What other facts of life exist when you’re a stoner living in an alcoholic world? Share with us in the comments!