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Vaporizer Quality Meets Cost at VaporNation

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Medical marijuana patients and recreational cannabis users are both choosing to vaporize over smoking their product. This makes perfect sense when considering the health benefits of vaporizing (not to mention the enhanced effect experienced by most people). When setting out to purchase a vaporizer, it is easy to feel bombarded with choices and the sometimes ridiculous claims about various products. Anyone who wants to make an informed decision regarding a vaporizer, and to get one at a fair price, should check out VaporNation.

VaporNation is the most comprehensive vaporizer distributor in existence; offering an array of top-brand vaporizers. They stock the biggest names in vaporizers including Vapir, KandyPens, DaVinci, Arizer, Magic Flight, and Grenco Science. VaporNation is also proud and excited to exclusively offer the Vaporfection miVape to their customers. The Vaporfection miVape is a portable, convection heating, zero combustion vaporizer that boasts all glass components and medical grade construction. The miVape has a 60 second heat-up time, comes with a two year warranty and is rated for use with both herb and wax. For the price, it is hard to get a vaporizer that compares with the miVape.

After speaking with Greg Gaston, the Marketing Director at VaporNation, I quickly realized this company is about more than just offering a wide selection of vaporizers at affordable prices. VaporNation puts their customers first which is the main reason they have been so successful. Whether it be a wholesale customer or a customer purchasing a vaporizer directly from their website, VaporNation is there every step of the way providing customer service that goes above and beyond. One way VaporNation stands out from other vaporizer distributors is the rewards program they offer to customers. When you purchase anything from VaporNation, you will earn one Rewards Point for every dollar spent. Essentially, you will receive 10% back from your purchase. For example, if you spend $300, you will receive 300 Rewards Points. The 300 Rewards Points are worth $30 toward any future purchase. They also make it easy to redeem your Rewards Points. During checkout, you have the option of redeeming your accrued Rewards Points toward your current purchase.

Many times it is possible to tell how customer-based a company is by how user-friendly and informative their website is. VaporNation’s website is easy to navigate and informative, thus giving the customer the ability to make an educated decision. A company that is confident in their products is much more likely to disclose all information about the products. You can tell by the detailed information on each product stocked that VaporNation has nothing to hide. After spending only a short time on their website, it becomes obvious that they do their own extensive research in order to find quality products which meet the needs and budgets of a wide variety of customers.