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Instagram Says NO To Cannabis Friendly Accounts

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Last week, major social media photo-sharing platform Instagram decided to liquidate several cannabis friendly accounts, including the account for the cannabis competition The Emerald Cup.

Cannabis friendly accounts such as dispensaries and head shops often come under fire on Instagram because posts involving drugs and drug paraphernalia are a violation of the site’s terms of service.

Despite cannabis being legal in over half the US, since it is not legal in every state, this remains a tricky legal issue. SC Labs, a prominent laboratory in the San Francisco Bay area, has been shut down many times, even though medical cannabis is legal in California.

This also makes it very difficult for dispensaries and laboratories like SC Labs to conduct their business, especially since they can’t keep track of their followers or interactions.

An employee with SC Labs said in an interview with Cannabis Club TV (CCTV), “On a personal level, now I don’t have access to the five or six years of history documenting our process, our interactions with the community and the story of our company.”

Instagram is not the only social media platform that engages in this sort of behavior. Twitter, Facebook and Google also tend to target cannabis companies. As it so happens, The Emerald Cup also lost its Twitter and Gmail accounts, in addition to their Instagram.

It’s very easy for internet giants like Instagram and Facebook to target small legitimate companies, simply because they are involved in the cannabis industry. It’s society’s way of punishing cannabis users, yet again.

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