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Snoop Dogg Has A New Line Of Glass And It Is Dope AF

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Snoop Dogg is making a comeback and it’s not with a new album (though that would be awesome), instead he has come out with a new line of glass.The new line, which is called Snoop Dogg Pounds is a call back to Tha Dogg Pound (a hip-hop duo that got their start in Death Row Records in the nineties) and his line of cannabis products, Leafs By Snoop. The line consists of five slick new pieces, each named after ships.

What does Snoop Dogg have in store for you? First off, we have the Battleship, a 12.5” water pipe made from high quality borosilicate glass, with an angled mouthpiece and turbine and honeycomb percolators for either concentrates or herb. The two tornado disc percolators work to cool your smoke, giving you the smoothest hits possible. The base is a stable circular foot, and comes with a reinforced downstem with a 14.5mm joint. It also comes with a special Pounds glass dabbing tool.  You don’t sink this Battleship, the Battleship sinks you.

The Mothership is the largest one at 13” with a straight tubed mouthpiece, with a slitted UFO percolator, a fixed reinforced downstem, a removable 14.5mm bowl with a roll stopper handle. This one is for flower and comes in four different colors: black, white, blue, and clear. It’s perfect for traveling to a galaxy far, far, away.

The Spaceship is a 6” water piece for concentrates and oils. The Spaceship has a bent neck and a narrow mouthpiece with a fixed showerhead diffuser guaranteed to shoot you to the moon. It also comes with a female 14.5mm dome with a roll stopper arm, a glass concentrate nail, and a female 14.5mm quartz banger.

The Rocketship is a classic 11.5 bong with an inside cut diffuser downstem. It comes with a 18.8mm ground joint, and black glass accents on the mouthpiece and bowl. The Rocketship comes in four different colors: orange, black, white, and clear.

The Starship is 6” and is similar to the Spaceship, only you can use it for both concentrates and flower. The Starship is more portable and it comes with diffused downstem. It also comes with a female 14.5mm bowl and a 14.5mm quartz banger.

This set is a must have for any stoner sage’s collection. Seriously, I can’t wait to get my hands on all of these. The best news is that you can find the entire set of Snoop Dogg Pounds for a decent price right here. Hurry up, they’re going fast!

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