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Snoop Dogg Mixes World’s Largest Gin and Juice

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It’s been an exciting year for Snoop Dogg. Last month he discovered a pine cone while chilling at BFF Martha Stewart’s house in New York. He wrapped up the second season of his VH1 cooking show. Now the hip hop guru and king of kind bud is breaking world records. At last month’s BottleRock Napa Valley Music Festival in California, Snoop Dogg delighted attendees by mixing the world’s largest paradise cocktail, according to Guinness World Records.

Snoop once sang about the joys of sippin’ on gin and juice, so it seems appropriate that he would end up making the largest gin and juice of all time. The record breaking drink contained 180 1 ¾ liter bottles of gin, 156 1 liter bottles of apricot flavored brandy and 28 3.78 liter jugs of orange juice. Imagine the hangover you would get after drinking that!

snoop dogg giant gin and juice

Snoop Dogg with Warren G and one giant gin and juice. Image Source: Guinness World Records

Snoop Dogg and 90s icon Warren G garnished the drink with a giant drinking straw, a matching giant parasol, and a whole watermelon impaled on a sword. The giant gin and juice was then dispersed among lucky backstage pass holders.

The idea was to create a memorable festival for attendees. I imagine that would certainly do the trick!

Source: Guinness World Records

Image Source: YouTube

Can you imagine drinking a giant gin and juice like this? Tell us your thoughts below in the comments!