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Snoop Dogg Got High and Discovered a Pine Cone

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Recently our favorite ganja enthusiast Snoop Dogg, made a trip to Martha Stewart’s vast compound in Katonah, New York. while he was there, naturally he managed to get properly baked and do some walking around Martha’s giant estate. While on his journey he found something he had never seen before: a pine cone.

My last house had two giant pine trees in the backyard and my back deck was always covered in pine cones. They’re so routine to me, I cannot imagine someone being so tripped out over a pine cone. Yet here he is. Anyone who has seen Snoop Dogg’s nature videos, done in the style of David Attenborough’s nature shows knows how fascinated Snoop is by nature.

He was so excited and flummoxed by his find that he even posted about it on Instagram, saying that he was going to bring it all the way back to California (which is not an area completely devoid of pine cones). “Somebody tell me what this is. A who? That’s a pine cone,”  he asks in the video.

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Regardless of your familiarity with pine cones, or nature in general, you have to admit that it is pretty hysterical and a little endearing to watch someone as famous as Snoop Dogg get so excited over something as mundane as a pine cone.

If you haven’t yet, you should check out his nature documentary style clips on the Jimmy Kimmel show. They are definitely worth looking at, especially if you’re on the same level as Snoop.

Source: Vice

Image Source: Know Your Meme

Have you had any discoveries like Snoop Dogg and his pine cone? Tell us in the comments!