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Snacks To Make When You’re Broke And Baked

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So you’ve just smoked a fattie and now you’ve got the munchies. You’re craving something other than a bag of chips, or the usual drive through fare. The thing is you’re broke and payday isn’t for another week. You can still make some pretty bomb snacks on the cheap. All it takes is a look through your cupboard, or a quick trip to the store. Also, you’ll need some creativity.

Pizza Sandwich

I used to live off these and they were a favorite of mine after getting super baked. All you’ll need is bagels, or English muffins, cheese, pepperoni, and pizza sauce. Spread some pizza sauce on your bagel, put a thin layer of cheese over the sauce, cover with pepperoni and then another layer of cheese. Set the oven to broil and toss it in for about five minutes. You’ll know it’s ready when the cheese is that perfect shade of golden brown. You can either have it closed faced like a sandwich, or eat it open faced and it will taste just like Bagel-Bites.

Pan Fried Ramen With Bacon And Cheese

Chances are you have some packets of ramen in your cupboard. You could have it the normal way, or you could spice it up. Boil the ramen noodles as you normally would, then toss them in a frying pan. Fry the noodles in the pan with a teaspoon of oil (I prefer using grapeseed or coconut oil, but you can use whatever you want, or have lying around). Toss in an egg and whatever seasonings you like, I usually get the best results with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and cayenne pepper. You can also use the seasoning packet if that’s your thing. Fry up some bacon in a separate pan. When the bacon is cooked put it on a plate with a paper towel to soak up the grease. For an extra burst of flavor you can throw in some bacon grease with your ramen. Break up the bacon and throw it in the pan with your noodles. Lastly, add some freshly grated cheese! Keep it on the stove until the cheese is melted and gooey.

Nature’s Skittles

If you’re in the mood for something healthy, you can always make a quick fruit salad. This fruit bowl is one of my go-to munchie treats. It’s not only delicious, you don’t feel guilty afterward like you would polishing off a bag of chips. Prep is super easy and the end results are delicious and nutritious! Cut up some strawberries, 2 kiwis, and an orange. Toss into a big bowl. Next, add fruits that don’t need to be cut up like grapes, raspberries, and blackberries. Mix them all together, grab a fork and chow down. This is better for you than Sour-Patch Kids. As Marge Simpson once said: Fruit is nature’s candy!

Cookie Milkshake

Now that you’re good and stoned you probably want something sweet. Take three scoops of any kind of ice cream you want (except ice cream with fruit, that would probably taste weird with cookies). Throw the ice cream in a blender with two ounces of milk. Break up two of your favorite cookies and toss them in the blender. Blend them up and enjoy!

Macaroni And Cheetos

Ah, macaroni and cheese, the staple of all broke college students. Give it some kick by adding everyone’s favorite munchie: Cheetos. All you’ll need is a box of macaroni and some Cheetos. Cook the macaroni as you normally would. Add some of your favorite cheese if you have any. Throw in some salt, pepper, and whatever spices you like. Then add some Cheeto crumbs for some extra crunchy goodness! Top it off with some parmesan cheese and you’re good to go!

Don’t make snackrifices! Why settle for the normal munchie foods when all you need is some creativity? One of the awesome things about being stoned is that all food tastes amazing. You can throw together any delicious snack, as long as you know how to utilize things you probably have lying around your house. Bon appetit!

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What kinds of snacks do you make when you have the munchies? Share your recipes in the comments!