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How Cannabis Made Me A Better Boyfriend

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Cannabis and relationships can be a touchy topic, especially considering the legality issue of telling someone you smoke cannabis, but just like any other part of your life, cannabis can be just as much of a benefit as it is a hindrance, all depending on how you utilize the herb. For me, cannabis helped me take a good hard look at my relationships, and changed how I looked at being a stoner boyfriend forever.

1. Cannabis helped me open up to her

One of the scariest parts of dating can be opening yourself up to your significant other, from opening yourself up to new activities or foods, to opening yourself up emotionally, a relationship must involve people that are willing to bear their souls to each other. Whenever I get especially nervous or worked up, a quick one-two puff-puff keeps me from getting high, but relaxes me enough to get the words started.

2. It gave me new reason to take her on adventures new and old

Fortunately for me, most of the girls I have dated were 420 friendly, so we already had an important activity in common, but the beautiful thing about bud is that it can open you up to new sensations that you may not notice during a sober outing. This is not to say that going a hike while sober isn’t fun, in fact I recommend going on the hike both ways, sober and stoned. Your boo and you will have plenty to point out both ways, who knows what you’ll discover!

3. Dinner-dates became waaay more exciting

It’s almost basic stoner knowledge that cannabis gives you the munchies, and it makes most food taste like you plucked it straight off of the stove from a 5-star restaurant, so why not take advantage of it? When most people get munchies and want to eat, they get fast food, snacks, or pizza, use your munchies with a purpose! Make a splendid dinner with you and your boo while lighting up and between the flour-wars and the tokes you’ll already be having much more fun than just sitting around reading a menu. Use homemade meals to connect with your significant other, and maybe to make some healthier food choices!

4. I’m much better at picking out gifts

When you’re dating a fellow stoner, it’s actually really easy to pick out gifts. You ought to get a sense for the types of pipes she likes, the colors, the shapes, no stoner has ever said no to a nice piece! However, just because your significant other is a stoner doesn’t mean she should always get stoner gifts. Put in as much effort looking for other things as you would looking at bongs. Pay attention to the types of colors and styles of clothes she likes, pay attention to what she likes to decorate her life with. Stoners have the capacity to notice fine detail, from new percolators to tiny trichomes, use that ability to branch out into the world of awesome gift giving!

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Of course you don’t need to be a stoner to be an awesome boyfriend, and smoking more cannabis may not automatically make you a more competent partner, but keeping an open mind and working on improving will definitely get you there! How has cannabis improved your relationship? Share with us in the comments!