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Smoke A Joint With Your Dad Today

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Today is Father’s Day, a day dedicated to celebrating the men who raised us. If you completely spaced the day and forgot to get your dad a corny tie or a card, then there’s still something nice you can do for him: smoke a joint with him.

Even if he doesn’t normally partake, he will appreciate the gesture. I mean why not? Smoking weed with your parents is something that everyone should try once (at least if your parents are cool). You already smoked a joint with your mom on Mother’s Day. The stuff that you’re smoking is no doubt more dank than the grass he smoked in his younger days. So roll a fattie and smoke it with him.

See, being a dad, or parent of any kind is hard work. Children are fun and adorable, but they are also expensive, noisy, and have a tendency to be brats up until they day they turn 18 and leave the house. It’s not until you are an adult and out on your own, that you understand just how difficult raising a child is for parents and you begin to empathize with them (that is unless your parents were both deadbeats, in which case I am referring to the people who raised you). I was a little shit in my teen years, especially to my dad (sorry Dad). I know there were times that he wanted to throw me out of the house. Surely, your dad has wanted to do the same thing. Whenever your dad threatened to do something like mail you to Siberia, there was a small part of him that actually meant it. He continued to put up with your shit because he’s your parent and your parents love you unconditionally.

No matter how much of a pain you were, your dad wouldn’t trade you for anything. So go smoke a joint with him.

Image Source: Willamette Week

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