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This Smart Cannabis Inhaler is Going to Change Everything

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Medical cannabis is a safer and often times more effective alternative to dangerous and addictive prescription opiates. Unfortunately, since cannabis is not prescribed by doctors, dosing can be a bit tricky. It’s easy to take too much or not enough. This smart cannabis inhaler is going to change all of that.

Resolve Digital Health, a company based out of Toronto, has been working on developing a “smart inhaler” which controls and administers metered doses, similar to the way an asthma inhaler works. The way the smart cannabis inhaler works is quite ingenious. Users insert a their pre-measured dose into the inhaler. An app then tracks their symptoms, and the potency of the dose. From this, they determine whether or not the dose is correct. Then the dose can be adjusted as needed.

CEO Rob Adelson is hoping that this technology will make doctors prescribe cannabis to their patients in lieu of opiates. “More and more doctors are getting involved and trying it. The medical market is huge,” Adelson said. Resolve Digital Health is currently partnering with Liberty Health Sciences Inc., and Canadian growers Aphria Inc. They hope to bring this technology to up to 15 thousand patients by 2018.

The medical market in Canada is huge. The medical market is expected to reach 1.4 billion dollars by 2021. Recreational cannabis will be legal in Canada, starting in July of next year, which will certainly affect the market.

Source: Bloomberg

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