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Signatures Needed For Idaho Medical Marijuana

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New Approach Idaho is looking for supporters of its ballot measure that will make Idaho medical marijuana a reality. Their petition will create a state-run medical program, along with decriminalizing three ounces of cannabis and allowing for an industrial hemp program.

They’re now spreading the word as best they can, but not everyone need apply. Only Idaho residents who are currently registered voters are allowed to sign.

It’s a deceptively tall order. They need at least 47,623 signatures before April 2016. While that may not seem like too difficult a number, it should be noted that the county elections clerk has rejected about half of the signatures collected so far.

This comes despite exceptional effort on the part of New Approach Idaho organizers to confirm the identity of participants. They’re not letting up, though. A recent full-page ad in the Boise Weekly’s Annual Manual sought to recruit more volunteers to press the issue throughout the state.

They need Idaho voters who know the facts and stand by their cause to rise to the occasion. Those interested can read the petition online. You can also follow their progress via Facebook and learn where you can sign.