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Need A Sly Place To Smoke? Sneak Off To These Hidden Toking Treasures

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Sometimes you’re out and about and the urge to smoke up hits you. Whether you’re an adventurous person and like to try new things, or you’re a seasoned smoker and just need a pick me up, you should try smoking up in these places.

In The Woods

I live in a fairly wooded area, so there are always places to smoke nearby. You’re less likely to run into non-420 friendly passersby and/ or most importantly cops if you are hanging out in the woods. Smoking up in the woods is also a great way to commune with nature. As a plus, the woods are generally pretty quiet and secluded, so you can hear if someone (or something) is coming. If you’re going at night, be sure to bring a light!

On The Roof Of A Building

I’ve done this probably hundreds of times and have never gotten caught. There’s always a way to get on the roof of a building, especially in a big city where there are usually fire escapes and stairs. Just like in the woods, you’re less likely to run into people who will ruin your good time. If you are scaling a building, be careful! Make sure that you are not too wasted to make it up and back down.

In Your Car

It is possible to smoke in your car and not get caught, if you’re chill about it. I’ve smoked in a car on many different occasions and in many different places. If you are near a rural area I would suggest driving out there. Don’t take a hit when there are other cars in sight and don’t let your car get hot boxed. Carry only as much cannabis as you plan on smoking, and smoke a joint that you can easily get rid of if you need to. Contrary to popular belief you should not park your car somewhere and smoke unless you are absolutely sure that no one will spot you. Parked cars look very suspicious and it’s easier to avoid getting caught if you are constantly moving.

Automatic Car Wash

An automatic car wash is a great place to smoke if you want to light up in your car and don’t care to be super sly about it. You’ll have plenty of time to get a buzz on, and no one will be able to see what you are doing. You also get to hotbox the hell out of your car because obviously you’re not going to be going through a carwash with your windows down. As a bonus, you get your car washed! It probably needed to be cleaned pretty bad too.

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It goes without saying that none of these places are completely full proof. The safest and best place for you to smoke is on your private property. Be aware of the laws regarding cannabis and paraphernalia possession in your area, especially if you’re in a state or country where cannabis is still illegal. Just use common sense and good judgment. Where are your best places to sneak a toke? Light up that comment section!