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Seattle Cannabis Company Introduces Powdered Cannabis

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In a press release Monday July 6, recreational marijuana company Prohibition gold has gone a different direction when it comes to selling recreational cannabis: powdered marijuana. The substance, called Potshotz will be sold as a premeasured gram of white powder which can be mixed into any drink.

Co-founder Tom Williams was quoted as saying, “This isn’t what comes to mind when you think about marijuana. It looks different and creates an entirely new product category for marijuana. It’s such a convenient, easy-to-use powdered mixer.”

The company worked with different scientists throughout the food industry to create a neutral tasting powder with no added sugars or other sweeteners, which are normally how the taste of cannabis is covered up in edibles.

Williams and his partner Greg Walters wanted to create a product for of age cannabis users that would allow them to enjoy their cannabis without drawing attention to their use. Walters said of his company’s new product, “The prohibition on marijuana is ending and we’re already a long way from yesterday’s pot brownies. We can’t wait to see how consumers innovate with our products. The possibilities for what you can add THC to are endless.”

Sometime next year Prohibition Gold plans to introduce Topshotz which will be similar to Potshotz, but it will be sold as a powdered cannabis mixer to be added to food. Potshotz is now available at recreational cannabis stores throughout Washington.

Now that cannabis use is becoming both more common and socially acceptable I think we’ll begin to see more innovative products such as Potshotz. I’m excited for the future of recreational cannabis.

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