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The Science Behind Gravity Bongs

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Most of us have made and used a gravity bong at some point during our smoking sessions. They are easy to make, and require less cannabis than a standard water bong.They are also guaranteed to give you a strong hit and a smooth high. Understanding the science behind gravity bongs will help you construct a better, more efficient gravity bong and make the most of your cannabis consumption.

There are two different types of gravity bongs: the bucket bong and the “waterfall” or reverse bucket bong. The bucket bong requires a small bucket, filled close to the brim with clean water, an empty bottle (most smokers prefer a two liter soda bottle), a bottle cap, a rubber stopper, or “bung,” and a bowl (which can be purchased here, if you don’t have one already). Once you have these items, drill a hole into the bottle cap. You can also use a knife, but a drill is safer. Cut the bottom off of the bottle, preferably using a serrated knife. How much you want to cut off, depends on how big you want your hit to be. Most smokers prefer to cut just above the bottom of the bottle, for the largest hit possible. Next, you’ll place the bowl with the bung fit snugly around it into the hole in the cap. Make sure that the seal is airtight, otherwise your bong will not work properly. Place the empty bottle into the bucket of water and then carefully screw the cap onto the bottle. You should have packed the bowl by this point.

As you light the bowl, slowly pull the bottle out of the bucket. You should see the bottle fill up with thick smoke. You’ll want to pull the bottle up slowly, but not too slowly, or your hit will taste stale and gross. Do not pull the bottle completely out of the water or your hit will be lost, and you’ll be guilty of committing a “party foul.” Once you’ve filled the bottle up with smoke, unscrew the cap and push the bottle back down as you inhale. The pressure created from pushing the bottle down forces the smoke into your lungs.

Image Source: TheWeedBlog

Waterfalls are the same concept except instead of using a bucket full of water, you use an empty bucket and you fill the bottle with water. Instead of cutting off the entire bottom of the bottle, poke one hole in the bottom of the bottle, as close to the center as possible.There is a reason for this, which I will get to later. Make sure the hole is small enough that you can seal it with your finger. When you are cutting the bottle, make sure you have the cap on there so the bottle will hold its shape as you are cutting into it. Construct the bowl the same way you would with a bucket bong, and again make sure the seal is completely airtight. As you are filling your bottle with water, plug the hole at the bottom with your finger so the water doesn’t leak out. After you fill the bottle with water, cap it and light the bowl, while allowing the water the flow from the bottle. The reason you want a hole in the center of the bottle is so that the water is perfectly streamlined as it flows from the bottle. Stabbing random holes in the sides or on the bottom doesn’t allow for perfect water flow so your hit will be more stale, and you’ll lose smoke. When you’ve got as big a hit as you want, unscrew the cap and inhale deeply!

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Gravity bongs and waterfalls are an excellent way to smoke because you can still get a good high, while conserving your cannabis. The way that a gravity bong is used and constructed keeps you from losing precious smoke, and the seal keeps your hit fresh and strong.

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How do you prefer to make your gravity bongs? Do you have any tips for us? Let us know in the comments.