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Rosin Tech: Concentrate You Can Make Right Now In 4 Steps

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Rosin Tech, they call it. It’s the latest fad to storm the dabbing world (though it’s probably been around for a while), and it’s pretty interesting – and surprisingly easy to do. In fact, it’s more a mystery that this hasn’t become popular sooner.

The process is fast, effective and delivers high yields, and though it doesn’t carry the same flavor as high-quality concentrates, it’ll do in a pinch. While most concentrates require solvents that can be quite dangerous to the inexperienced producer, this new method doesn’t make use of anything but physics, patience and practice.

You’ll need:

  • A flat iron (aka a hair straightener*)
  • Some dried buds or bubble hash (can be done with as little as .3g or so)
  • An oven mitt or other protective cloth (these things get hot)
  • Parchment paper

* As a male in his mid-20s, I had no idea what a (non-beef) flat iron was. I assume I’m not alone.

Once you’ve assembled these materials, you can take one look at them together and probably guess the rest – and you’d likely be spot on. It’s that simple. We’ll break it down for you anyway:

Step One: Heat The Tool

First, heat the flat iron. Many recommend the type that has a wider surface (a 2-inch model is suggested), but anything that will fit your bud should work. If you’re lucky and have a digital readout, heat that sucker to somewhere in the 200-340 degrees (Fahrenheit, yo!) range, noting that lower heat will better preserve the flavor, but will take a lot longer and may not extract the maximum amount.

Reports vary on the best temperature, with some suggesting as low as 150, though few recommend above 300; it may depend on the bud. If you don’t have a digital readout, go for a medium-high setting and adapt if needed.

Step Two: Prepare The Product

Take a small bud (somewhere between 0.1g and 0.4g at a time) and wrap it in the parchment paper, with the bud resting in the middle. Leave the rest aside for now. The idea is that the flat iron will heat the resin in the bud and extract it from the plant, so you want to maximize the focus of the heat by using small amounts at a time. Place the parchment paper on the bottom panel of the flat iron and quickly move to step three.

Step Three: Press!

Grab your oven mitt or other cloth-based safety device (get creative) and use it to press down on the top of the flat iron. You should give it a good two or three seconds of pressure at least. Just imagine yourself squeezing the oils out of the bud, if that helps.

You don’t want to burn the bud, so if you’re getting smoke instantly or in copious amounts, try a lower setting.

However, you should see a little wisp of white smoke arise – that means you got the most out of your material. You should stop the press at this point.

Note: if you’ve ever tampered an espresso shot, it’s pretty similar idea – just hold for a moment or two longer and with a bit more pressure than you’d use for the shot.

Step Four: Scrape And Repeat

Once the bud has been pressed, pull the parchment paper out and set the fried bud aside for a moment. Some recommend pressing the same bud again, which isn’t a bad idea. Doing this more than three times will likely leave you with more plant material than you want in a good concentrate, so find a balance that works for you.

At this point, you should see a relatively small amount of light yellow/green oil on the parchment paper. Take your dabbing tool and carefully scrape it off. You can usually get a small initial amount on the tool and use it to “snowball” the rest.

Now grab some more fresh buds, pop ’em in the parchment paper (you can reuse) and repeat the process: Press, scrape the oil, re-press, scrape the oil, grab fresh buds, press, scrape the oil, re-press, scrape the oil… keep saying that in your head while you do it. Don’t worry, it won’t drive you crazy.

After a few rounds, you should have a really nice looking bit of concentrate that’s ready for immediate dabbing. It’s a great solvent-free concentrate that plays nicely with any concentrate vaporizer or, for the more professional toker, vaporizer tube.

Some notes:

The right press and the right heat are what make for a beautiful Rosin Tech concentrate, so don’t get down on yourself if the result isn’t perfect at first. Josh from StrainCentral gives a good explanation, and he even mentions that he thought this was a trick to get people to waste their buds when he first tried it – now look at him!

You can probably use the leftover material for edibles, but remember that you’ve sucked much of the life out of it with this process (that’s the point, right?) so don’t expect much. We’ve heard reports that this method works even better than a closed loop system, while others claim it’s only effective when the real deal is impossible to find.

In the end, the whole process is pretty adaptable once you get the idea down. Some folks like to spend a lot of time using lower heat settings to get a really clear concentrate. Others prefer the quick-and-dirty high-heat product that gets them dabbing faster. Play around with Rosin Tech and see what you come up with!

Oh, one last thing before you get to dabbing… you forgot to turn the flat iron off!!