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The Rise Of Female Stoner Comedy

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I’ve always loved stoner humor, even before I got the jokes. I remember spending many happy hours listening to my dad’s old Cheech and Chong records and laughing my little kid head off, long before I ever knew what a joint was. I found his old copy of Up in Smoke, and I was in heaven. I loved these movies, but there was always something missing: women. Sure, the Cheech and Chong movies had women in them, but they were not central to the plot.

Stoner comedy and stoner culture in general has always been like this. When you picture a typical stoner, you’re probably picturing a dude, right? I usually do, and I’m even a woman. Even as stoner comedy began to evolve from the era of Cheech and Chong into Seth Rogen movies like Pineapple Express and Knocked Up, women began to play bigger roles, but they were always portrayed as nagging shrews. Katherine Heigl or Leslie Mann’s characters being prime examples.

It wasn’t until Broad City debuted on Comedy Central three years ago that strong, fun loving, and most of all funny female characters were portrayed on television or movies. The show is not only enjoyed by women, it’s also widely enjoyed by men. Sure, there are a couple period jokes here and there, for instance, Ilana Glazer’s character wears blood stained jeans in order to sneak weed onto an airplane. Otherwise the humor is relatable to both sexes.

The popularity of Broad City paved the way for another show, Mary + Jane, a show about two women in LA who are trying to get their legal pot delivery service up and running. The show has only been on since last fall, so it hasn’t had time to hit its stride yet. The two leads are both good actresses, and have a good onscreen dynamic with each other. The humor itself relies a little too much on stereotypes about stoners and women, so it could use some work.

This is an exciting time for fans of stoner comedy, especially us stoner chicks who have been waiting to see an accurate representation of the stoner chick on screen. Shows like Broad City and Mary + Jane are only the beginning of the rise of female stoner comedy. I for one can’t wait to see what comes next.

Image Source: Comedy Central

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