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The Rise Of Cannabis Coupons: Finding Discounted Weed

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Since 1887, coupons have changed the way commerce operates. Coupons not only changed how customers bought products, but they drastically changed marketing styles and sales techniques. Every great industry has implemented the use of coupons: grocery, technology, clothing, and now, cannabis.

Welcome to the Future of Cannabis Commerce

Integrating coupons into the cannabis economy is a wise and important step forward for all cannabusiness. Coupons are excellent tools for businesses and obviously valuable for consumers, but where can you find cannabis coupons? Of course you could spend your time flipping through page after page of newspapers and coupon books, or, you could wise up and turn to the internet.

Leafbuyer, currently the largest cannabis coupon site in the United States, promises consumers there’s no better way to save money when buying medical and recreational cannabis. The website offers to connect every customer with their ideal coupon, whether they’re looking for an ounce special, competitively-priced concentrates, or even edibles. If you’re simply not sure what you’re looking for, Leafbuyer allows users to search all available deals in their local area after inputting their location. The Colorado-based Leafbuyer offers a truly unique and essential service for any casual toker or medical marijuana patient. Gone are the days of clipping out coupons out of your local paper, internet-services like Leafbuyer easily connect customers with their dream deal.

If you’re an active cannabis connoisseur, you know just how important it is to find your herb or concentrates at a reasonable price. What you might not know is how much coupons help dispensaries, too. Limited time offers, blowout sales, and gifts with purchase (like a free pre-rolled joint with the purchase of an ounce) help keep legalized cannabis sales competitive and fair. Sales and the use of coupons also allow dispensaries to push out product that might be priced too high normally, or simply has been in stock for too long. Cannabis coupons allows dispensaries to rotate their inventory to maintain the freshest, highest quality cannabis available, and they also encourage customers to take advantage of these deals to buy new strains and other items that they might not have been able to afford without the discount.

In addition to an amazing coupon service, Leafbuyer proves to be a one-stop-shop for valuable information when shopping for cannabis. From a Power List of the most influential cannabusiness leaders, to the 2016 Best of the Best, a showcase of the top dispensaries for flower and concentrates, or, if you’re looking to make your mark on the cannabis economy, take a look at Leafbuyer’s Job Board.

Leafbuyer’s innovative approach to coupons and internet presence gives it unprecedented access to the best deals on cannabis products available. Due to Leafbuyer’s real-time access to local dispensaries they have access to exclusive and time-sensitive offers that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Leafbuyer doesn’t stop at just giving you access to the sweetest deals around, it gives you the materials necessary to make informed decisions for your next cannabis purchase.

Take a look at some of the sweet deals on Leafbuyer today!