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Ricky Williams is Now in the Cannabiz with Real Wellness

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Former NFL star and Dolphins running back Ricky Williams has now entered the cannabiz by starting his long promised cannabis lifestyle brand, Real Wellness. Williams was a former Heisman trophy winner with a promising career, but he was best known for his cannabis use, at a time when even casual use was deeply stigmatized by the general public. Williams ended up retiring early after failing a drug test.

After retirement Ricky Williams began to devote himself full time to becoming a “holistic healer”, and is even studying for a PhD in Chinese medicine. Williams said of his post retirement time, “When I left I started to train as a healer, I started to study and learn about herbs, so it dawned on me cannabis is an herb and these are other herbs so I started playing with herbs and creating formulas to help myself and family and friends.”

Real Wellness consists of six different products, all designed by Williams. It’s been all on me creating these formulas. I did research on what people were searching for herbal remedies and medicinal marijuana, I looked at lists of all ailments and consulted with my instructors and mentors and together we came up with formulas we feel really good about,” he said.

He also founded the first cannabis friendly gym, Power Plant Fitness. “The most exciting part for me is the story that at one point people thought it was one thing but I’ve pushed through, educated myself, gained knowledge and wisdom and have now offered something to my community,” he said.

He’s right. Ricky Williams was once considered one of the bad boys of the NFL, someone who left a promising career to just go smoke weed all the time. He certainly showed the doubters and haters.


Image Source: Sports Illustrated

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