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Requiem for a Lost Piece

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Last night I lost a dear friend named Priscilla. She was one of my favorite stoner buddies. She was my bubbler. She passed away around 9:30 PM when a good friend of mine accidentally tipped her over on my pewter ashtray. She broke cleanly in half. I took the two broken halves, wrapped them up carefully and laid her to rest in the top of my closet.

Priscilla was a unique style of Sherlock bubbler that always reminded me of a stiletto heel. She was named Priscilla after the musical Priscilla Queen of the Desert. I and my girlfriend at the time picked her out at a now closed head shop a few miles away from where we lived. She was like our glass love child. I’d recently unpacked her after a move and had only started using her a couple days ago. As quickly as she’d come into my life, she was gone again.

It’s always tough to say goodbye to a dear friend. Priscilla was not a real person, but she was my smoking companion and she was there for me when I needed her. When I was stressed out by finals my first semester of college, she was there to calm me down and help me crack the books when I needed. I finished my first semester on the Dean’s list, and certainly a good chunk of the reason why I did was because of her. When the ex and I broke things off, Priscilla was there to dry my tears and ease my pain (along with the help of some really, really potent Kush).

In my years as a cannabis connoisseur I’ve lost many a piece, or more accurately, other people did me the courtesy of killing them for me. Prior to Priscilla’s demise, the most tragic way I’d lost a piece was when one of my friends dropped my favorite bong in the parking lot of the place we’d both worked. That hurt, but it was nothing compared to watching Priscilla eat shit on my ashtray. I went as far as to actually shed a tear. That’s how much she meant to me. My friend who was responsible for her demise (accidentally!) wants everyone who reads this to know that she feels terrible about the whole thing and is currently trying to contact glass blowers who could possibly bring her back to life. If it happens it happens, if not, she lived a good life.

RIP Priscilla.

What was your most devastating loss of a favorite piece? Tell us about your loss in the comments below!