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Republicans Want Feds To Stop Interfering With Marijuana Legalization

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It follows their platform in one way – states’ rights are an important staple of the Republican party – but “marijuana legalization” and “conservative” aren’t exactly associated in a positive manner.

Recent polls may change that. Republican voters in key primary election states New Hampshire and Iowa have clearly stated their opinion on the matter. They want the federal government to stop overriding decisions made by voters in states that have legalized marijuana in some form or another.

In Iowa, 64% of Republican voters said that only states should have the right to carry out laws within their jurisdiction, while 67% said the same in New Hampshire. A small percentage considered marijuana prohibition more important than state laws.

The polls were conducted by Marijuana Majority, a national marijuana legalization advocacy group. Their focus is on educating the public about the failures of the drug war and the unintended consequences that have arisen.

Nearly 80% of Democrat voters agreed with the polls in each state. No party saw less than 60% of its voters disapproving.

Marijuana Majority isn’t the only source for public opinion on marijuana laws. They cite a number of impressive figures that suggest widespread reform is not just a passing fad. From their website:

CNN found 88% support for allowing medical marijuana.
CNN found 84% support for not sending people to jail for small amounts of marijuana.
Gallup found 58% support for legalizing marijuana altogether.

The numbers continue to grow as education resources and public support from trusted health and legal officials spread throughout the country. We can expect to see many more polls focusing on marijuana legalization as the election year looms nearer.