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Reefer On The Rag: 5 Reasons You Should Smoke Weed On Your Period

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Ladies, how often have we been told that some product, pill, etc would make our periods better? It happens a lot. How many of these things actually help us? Not that many. I know one thing that will: cannabis. If you’ve tried everything else and nothing else has worked, why not toke a little herb?

Helps With Cramps

Cannabis is an awesome pain reliever, and it does wonders for menstrual cramps, which we know can be pretty damn bad, almost as bad as childbirth in some cases. Cramps make it difficult (if not impossible) to go to work, or even get out of bed, in some cases. Smoking a nice bowl of indica, or a strain high in CBD, will almost completely alleviate the worst of menstrual cramps. Queen Victoria even used cannabis to relieve her cramps because it was prescribed to her by her doctor.

Makes You Less Bitchy

Smoking weed makes you more chill, so naturally that includes the nasty symptoms caused by PMS. PMS is caused by the fluctuation of hormones during what is called the luteal phase, which occurs right after ovulation. During this time the body produces more progesterone and less estrogen (hence why birth control pills contain estrogen). Cannabis curbs the production of progesterone and helps correct the hormonal imbalance brought on by the premenstrual stage. I know I’m a lot easier to be around when I’m smoking and PMSing.

Weed Helps Anxiety

Cannabis, in particular indica, is believed to help reduce anxiety, which we certainly have an abundance of when we’re on the rag. Many medicinal patients treat anxiety using cannabis, and it works pretty well for them. I’m usually a bundle of nerves at this time. Smoking weed helps me relax and get my thoughts in order. This makes it easier for me to concentrate on things like work, homework, and get my shit done.

Weed Can Help Manage Weight

I don’t know about you, but when my Aunt Flo comes to town I eat like a bear coming out of hibernation. Despite popular belief that smoking herb makes you gain weight (munchies and all) cannabis can actually speed up your metabolism and help you lose weight. According to a recent study cannabis users have a lower BMI and are less likely to be obese than non-cannabis users. That doesn’t mean that you should polish off a pint of Ben and Jerry’s in one sitting though.

It May Shorten Your Period

Cannabis use might actually have a hand in shortening the length of your period. This is based on a study done in 1986 and there needs to be more research on the subject. As we all know research on the female reproductive system is sparse to begin with, and of course research on cannabis and the reproductive system is even more rare. Perhaps because cannabis can alter perceptions of passage of time, it makes it seem that way.

Anecdotally, I love smoking weed when I’m on my period. I love smoking weed all the time, but it certainly makes the suckiest time of the month, suck just a little bit less. Cannabis basically covers all the bases when it comes to surfing the crimson wave. You’ll be a much happier lady, trust me.

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How has smoking weed made your period sucked less? Share in the comments!