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Recreational Cannabis Is Now Legal In Maine

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On Monday Maine residents certainly had something to celebrate: cannabis is now legal for recreational use for all adults 21 and up. The retail market is not up yet, and will not be until February of next year. Adults are allowed to possess up to two and a half ounces of cannabis. The state voted to legalize cannabis in last fall’s presidential election.

Maine’s governor Paul LePage (R) remains a staunch opponent to all forms of cannabis legalization. This will probably change once Governor LePage sees how much money the retail market brings in, and how much money his state saves on law enforcement costs. Then again, Governor LePage is not the most rational man.

Zachary Dulac, owner of Full Bloom Hydroponics and Gardening Center, and also the Cannabis Seed Bank of Maine is also located is a little wary of recreational legalization, fearing that it will harm the medical cannabis industry. In an interview with an NBC news local affiliate, Dulac had this to say, “Are patients going to be forgotten? Is it just going to be about the weekend party versus truly helping someone, maybe a little girl that has seizures.”

Zulac’s concerns echo those of many inside the medical cannabis industry. Has Maine bitten off more than it can chew, or will they be able to handle the changes that come with legalization? They’ll probably be just fine.

Source: WCSH6 News

Image Source: Huffington Post

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