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How To “Reclaim” Your Lost Dabs

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If you have spent a lot of time dabbing, you’ve probably heard about Reclaim. It’s not unlike most legends, the treasured wax was once thought to be lost, all used up by the stoners of the past, until one day, stoners of the new generation dug deep into the bottom of their nails and discovered a new source of THC, Reclaim. Reclaim is the left over concentrate material that doesn’t vaporize during your dabs, and is a great thing to consider whenever you’re running low on concentrate.

Things you’ll need:
1. Nail that you’ve dabbed with a significant amount.
2. A lighter
3. Wax paper or any concentrate storage container (like a NoGoo)
4. A scraping/collecting tool (optional)

1. Dab your heart out

Well, to accumulate reclaim dabs you first need to actually use your nail for an extended period of time. You shouldn’t be trying to grab reclaim out of your nail after every dab session, in fact I’d say wait until you’ve gone through a couple grams of concentrate between reclaim extractions.

2. Lay down your reclaim catcher

You’re going to need somewhere to keep your precious reclaim, so lay out some parchment paper or set out one of your silicone dab containers (again, have you heard of NoGoo?) There’s no need to manipulate the concentrate once it’s left the nail, so make sure you’ve laid out whatever you want to store your reclaimed concentreate in.

3. Heat up the nail

You don’t need a torch or a heating gun for this one, I actually discourage the use of either, since you’re not trying to vaporize your dabs again, you’re simply trying to liquify them. Grab your usual bowl-lighting lighter, turn your nail to the side, and let your flame go across the nail slowly as you turn it around. (You may want to use pliers or a heat-resistant glove for this, depending on how your nail retains heat.) If you’re working with a quartz nail, you’ll be able to tell when your reclaim starts to liquify because you’ll see it move around your nail.

4. Guide the melted reclaim to your container

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After about 10-20 seconds of your heating the nail heats up, you want to begin tilting it so that the nail is mostly vertical, right side up, with a slight turn so that your lighter still is able to heat the sides. Make sure the bottom of your nail is pointed down onto your wax paper or into your concentrate storage unit. If it has liquified, it should just fall right down onto the paper, if you’re not sure that all of your reclaim concentrate has come out of the nail, use a metal scraper to see if there is any concentrate that has been loosened in the heat within your nail.

5. Enjoy

The completed product should look fairly similar to most wax that you’ve seen, however will be much darker in color, usually ranging from a tan-brown to a black, but have no fear, it’s still some potent concentrate! After the extraction, all you need to do is allow your dabs to cool and solidify again and you’re back to dabbing!

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Who else loves their reclaim? Do you have an easier way to collect it, or to simply help us use more of our dabs the first go-around? Let us know in the comments!