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Reasons To Have More Cannabis In Your Diet

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Cannacooking is a practice that can be very trying for some, and definitely requires a bit of practice to get right. Whether you’re looking to create some awesome edibles, or simply want to experience some of the awesome health benefits of cannabis, there are plenty of reasons to try put some more cannabis in your diet.

1. Cannabis Already Comes With Multitudes Of Health Benefits

In case you didn’t know, tons of scientists have different theories of how cannabis can improve your body. From glaucoma to anxiety relief, increased lung capacity to a cure for insomnia. There are numerous ways cannabis can positively impact your body, without you actually needing to get high. The reason is because most medical benefits from cannabis stem from the CBD within the plant, not the THC component that gets you high. Cooking with cannabis allows all users to enjoy the benefits of cannabis, and still have the choice to get really baked, or not.

2. Edibles Don’t Need To Be Dynamite Strong

If you just want to enjoy health benefits like anxiety relief, pain relief, and even sleeping better at night, but don’t want the psychedelic effects of THC, you can try cooking with a strain that’s high in CBD, or you can simply try to make some low-strength oils. As to avoid getting high off your first batch, I’d recommend starting very small and working your way up to whatever you feel comfortable with.

3. CannaCooking Is Real Cooking

Cannacooking requires starting with your base cannaoil, whether it be vegetable, olive, or even if you’re working with cannabutter. You can’t just throw it on top of whatever you’re eating! You need to start with your oil as the base, and actually work with your cannaproduct to make sure it works with whatever meal you’re making. This will help encourage you to make more wholesome meals from scratch and really think about how you’re eating at home.

4. It’s An Excellent Smoking/Vaporizing Replacement

If you’re trying to take a break from smoking, or you simply can’t smoke to enjoy the herb, edibles are always a prime replacement. Like stated before, edibles don’t need to be crazy strong to be effective, find the dosage that’s right for you, whether it’s eating a bite of a brownie, or eating a couple to get the level of high you want. Experiencing cannabis with edibles is definitely more potent than just smoking it, and will take quite a bit more practice to get dosing right than just smoking, but the effort will be well worth it!

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