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Real Weed Beer Actually Does Exist

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You’ve been hearing a lot about cannabis beer in the last year. A former Budweiser executive said that the cannabis industry was the new craft beer. Lagunitas and Blue Moon have both come out with their own cannabis infused beers. There’s only one thing that’s more than slightly disappointing with these beers: they’re not real weed beers. Weed beer that actually gets you high is not technically legal, even in recreational states. As such there is no “real weed beer” available on the market.

In order to find real weed beer, you have to go to the black market. Enter: Simple Brewing Company. Simple Brewing is a small NYC based brewery whose owner specializes in brewing weed beer. Yes, that weed beer, the type that will get you as high as you want to be. This beer is called the Irie PA, a play on India Pale Ale (IPA) and the Jamaican word “irie” which means nice, good, and pleasing.”

Don’t expect to find Simple Brewing’s Irie PA easily. The brewery does no advertising, has no social media presence, and relies entirely on word of mouth. As you can imagine, business is going really well, despite the illegal status of cannabis in New York. Next time you’re in NYC, keep an eye out for the Irie IPA. If you’re cool, then you’ll probably figure out where to find it.

Source: Merry Jane

Image Source: Huffington Post

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