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Puerto Rico To Hold Its First International Cannabis Conference

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Puerto Rico MedCann.Biz will have its first annual international cannabis conference on June 28 and 29 in Puerto Rico. The conference will be focused on discussing matters related to the medical cannabis industry, such as international markets, cannabis research, and technological advances in the field.

Ingrid Schmidt, the senior consultant for the MedCannBizz consulting firm, stated that the conference will be aimed at investors, cannabis entrepreneurs, medical doctors, and others who are interested in the ever growing medical cannabis industry.

Puerto Rico will be the fourth Latin American country to become involved in the medical cannabis industry. Of particular interest to the attendees of the conference will be “medical tourism,” where patients travel to different areas to receive treatment that is either unavailable or unaffordable to them back home.

According to the Medical Tourism Association, Latin American countries are already popular destinations for those seeking treatment. If Puerto Rico’s medical cannabis industry is successful it would make them a force to be reckoned with in the international medical cannabis trade.

Executive Director of the Puerto Rico Medical Tourism Corporation Francisco Bonet, expects that this will be a “game changer” for Puerto Rico. “When you add in the versatile range of improved applications that cannabis has over pharmaceutical drugs for pain, as an appetite stimulant for patients on chemotherapy, and various neurological conditions from Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and seizure disorders; Puerto Rico is poised to break out from the pack in medical tourism and medical cannabis,” Bonet said in a statement.

Conference attendees will be attending several seminars with some of the most well known doctors and scientists in the field of medical cannabis. Puerto Rico has recently suffered severe economic downturn. A successful venture into the medical cannabis industry could be the perfect solution to Puerto Rico’s economic woes.

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For more information, check out the conference site here.

It’s good to see the appreciation for cannabis spreading around the world! Where does your country, or state, stand on medical marijuana?