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6 Products That Will Help You Smoke Under The Radar

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Cannabis itself might make you so excited you will show it off to your friends, cannabis legalization might make you want to shout from the rooftops, but you still may find yourself in a situation where you want to keep this all on the down-low. Whenever you’re looking to get stoned but want to be quiet about it, consider trying one of these discrete toking tools!

1. Edibles

Of course the most discrete form of smoking is to not smoke at all, so edibles are the clear choice if that is your mission. The only setbacks that arise from edibles is the need to be more aware of how you space your time and the dosage of how much cannabis product you’re eating.

2. Joints/Spliffs

While the continuous burning may produce a bit of a smellier environment, smoking off of something cigarette-looking will look much less suspicious than smoking out of a pipe. To go a step further, empty out a couple cigarettes and fill them with bud, so your joints look like regular tobacco cigarettes. If you really want to fit in, and aren’t against tobacco use, you could always mix the tobacco with your bud and roll that joint into a spliff. The smell of the burning tobacco will work wonders to cover up the bud smell!

3. The Digger One-Hitter

The one hitter (or bat, or whatever you want to call it) has been a symbol for toking on the go for decades. The elegant simplicity of the pipe could only be bested by the original one-hitter’s younger brother, “The Digger.” The Digger looks like other one-hitter bats that you might’ve owned, but with one key difference. At the end of this pipe lies an array of serrations into the tip that allows for better traction and digging when loading the bowl. Grab yourself a dugout and a Digger, and you’ll have a discrete toking companion that goes wherever you do!

Pipe Jewelry

Some pipes and one hitters are small enough to wear as jewelry, like this one. Really, any small pipe can be made into jewelry or a keychain, and you can hide it in plain site! Pipe jewelry is an excellent choice when entering venues where your bag or purse might get checked for contents, and since you’ll be wearing your stylish ‘shroom necklace (that just happens to double as a pipe) you’ll have nothing to worry about!

5. Smo-Can Smoking system

The Smo-Can Smoking System has everything you need to toke on the go. It has a four-piece grinder, a one-hitter glass quartz pipe, and a compartment that will hold a min-Bic lighter perfectly. Although the can itself isn’t very discrete, it is a very discrete transportation system, and after you’re done with the deed by putting everything back in the confines of the can should help trap some of the bud smells, leaving less traces of your activities.

6. Handheld Vaporizers

Handheld vaporizers work wonders for the art of discrete toking. Not only is it a all-in-one device that tokes your weed without you needing to light it, but more likely than not depending on the type of vaporizer you purchase people will most likely just assume that the vaporizer you are carrying is meant for nicotine oils. In addition, canna-vapor gives off a different smell than burnt bud, and doesn’t stick in the air like smoke does.

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Toking discretely is an art that has been passed down from stoner to stoner for generations, like when going on a hike or to a concert, when do you like to break out the Digger? Let us know in the comments!