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There Were Some Pretty Sweet Things At NECANN This Year

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This past weekend while many of you were slurping down the infernal Unicorn Frappuccino (I’m just kidding, you have better taste than that), the New England Cannabis Convention (NECANN) took place in the lovely city of Boston, Massachusetts. Voters in the state voted to legalize cannabis last fall, and cannabis enthusiasts are gearing up for their own legal market which will be opening shortly.

Like last year, the event took place in the John B Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention. There were a dozen guest speakers, and over 150 vendors. The event featured exhibits on all aspects of the cannabis industry including growing techniques, advancements in concentrate making, cannabis cooking, etc. There were of course speakers there to talk about the wonders of medicinal cannabis, and attendees had plenty of chances to educate themselves on the subject.

There were demonstrations on the best techniques for growing cannabis indoors (sort of a crash course for beginners). There were also cooking demonstrations on how to infuse cannabis into various recipes. Maine based cannabis caregiving company, Uncle Pete’s ReLeaf, featured a vibrating cannabis pen, specifically designed for the vision impaired. The pen vibrates when the concentrate is sufficiently heated, which is pretty sweet, if you ask me.

This year, NECANN was even bigger than last year’s event, with the added bonus of cannabis being legal in the state now. Attendance is estimated to have been at around 5,000 this year, which is one thousand more attendees than last year’s NECANN.

Despite the political climate surrounding legal cannabis being quite a bit different than last year, neither attendees or organizers seemed too concerned about the Trump administration. Co-founder of NECANN Marc Shepard told the Boston Herald, “As bad as it is to say, it’s similar to gay marriage. The progressive ball goes down the hill. It never goes back uphill. I think the tipping point has been reached when a quarter of the country legally allows it. How much longer can it remain illegal federally when it is legal in all the states?” This is admittedly a much more optimistic view than others have expressed, but I can certainly see the logic in it.

The event was a huge success, with people from all over the state and the country coming to educate themselves on cannabis, and hopefully find their niche in the ever growing cannabis industry.

Source: Boston Herald

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