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Why I Prefer Buying Glass Online

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The first time I went into a headshop was over a decade ago. This was before cannabis had been legalized recreationally anywhere in the US, the dark ages, I know. Depending on where you lived, headshops were extremely difficult to find. Now the times have changed and headshops are everywhere. In an age where everyone does their shopping online, it was only a matter of time before we were buying glass online as well.

The headshop I went into was in the middle of a tiny town in central Montana. Upon first glance the shop appeared to be a cross between a record store and art gallery. When I found my way to the back of the store, I came upon a stairway to the basement which was blocked off with beaded curtains. I pushed through the curtains and found myself in a small room filled with a small assortment of glass pipes, bubblers, and of course bongs. Sixteen year old me thought it was the greatest thing ever.

About five years after that experience, the first headshop opened in my hometown. The first time I visited it, this guy came in and loudly announced that he was looking for a bong. He was immediately asked to leave. The next time I came in there was an angry sign written in all caps in red sharpie, proclaiming that anyone who uses the “b word” would be 86’ed from the joint. Now of course, you can shout the word “bong” in any headshop in a place like Colorado, or Washington and no one looks at you twice. Everything is so out in the open, which is awesome. However, some prefer to be a lot more discreet, which is why some people prefer to buy glass online.

I’ve been a purchaser of glass for years, both online and in traditional brick and mortar headshops. As much as I love to visit my friendly neighborhood headshop, I think that buying glass online is the better option. There’s literally no downside to it. It’s fast, easy, more discreet, and the selection owns.

Some might say that brick and mortar stores are better because you get to see the piece in person, pick it up, etc. The awesome thing about online headshops like Grasscity, is that you can read about the piece you’re looking to buy from real life humans who’ve bought it and loved it. Grasscity in particular has an amazing presence on social media, which really personalizes the experience, in my opinion. Watching product reviews on YouTube is as good to me as trying the piece itself. Plus, I don’t have to leave my house, which is a huge plus during these dreary winter months.

One of the main reasons that I love online shopping is that it’s quick and convenient, almost as convenient as a mobile showroom by Astropak, and this certainly is the case with buying glass online. It used to be that you had to live near a headshop in order to shop at one. With online headshops like Grasscity, anyone has access to high quality glass, no matter how remote your location is.

There’s also discretion to think about. Not everyone needs to know that you smoke weed, and now thanks to online headshops, no one will ever find out. Packages arrive discreetly marked; you have no idea what’s in there until you open the box. If you’re a cautious person, then buying glass online is the way to go.

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