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Why Pokemon Go Is The Perfect Game For Stoners

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Pokemon Go is a lot of things. It’s fun and addicting at the same time. As I type this, I’m looking at my phone waiting for a 510 CP Nidorino that got away from me to show its face again. Pokemon Go is awesome, but it’s even more fun when you are baked. This is the perfect game for stoners.

It Gets You Out Of The House

The entire point of Pokemon Go is to get you out of your house. How else are you going to catch rare Pokemon, because you can’t do it when you’re sitting on your couch. If you already didn’t know, cannabis and exercise are a perfect match for each other. The type of cardio you get when going on a Pokemon hunt will also enhance your high, especially when you come across those rare, hard to catch Pokemon.

Fun With Friends

Going out to catch Pokemon is fun by itself, but it’s even more fun when you go out on adventures with your friends, who are for sure playing Pokemon Go. After smoking a bowl, instead of suggesting playing video games, or watching TV, ask if anyone wants to go out and catch Pokemon. You’ll definitely get some takers, as Pokemon Go attracts a fairly diverse crowd.

Pokemon Motivates You

Depending on the type of cannabis you prefer, you might be tempted to chill on your couch all evening after smoking. Since I’ve been playing Pokemon Go, I’ve been out on long walks every night, when before I was content to stay in my air conditioned house, and either binge watch TV, or indulge in my Twitter addiction. The desire to play Pokemon trumps my desire to stay indoors every time.

All Kinds Of Nostalgia

Most everyone who is now playing Pokemon Go, is familiar with the games and the cartoon from the nineties and early aughts. Whether you were just a kid then, or you remember watching the show while taking your first rip; Pokemon makes you feel all kinds of nostalgia. You know what pairs nicely with a bong rip, nostalgia. There’s a reason why we stoners love cartoons.

You Find Cool Stuff

Who doesn’t love finding cool stuff when they’re baked? If you haven’t noticed, most of the Pokestops around your town are cool landmarks, or random artwork that people otherwise tend to ignore. You, as a stoner can appreciate completely random things and also find the beauty in them.

You Get To Chase Imaginary Things

Seriously, the fact that these random cartoons show up on your phone and you get to chase them, is the coolest thing ever. I’m sure that you, as a stoner can find enjoyment in chasing things that don’t actually exist, but are really there in some form of reality, even if it’s just on your camera.

I’m not gonna lie, I’m addicted to this game, but it has changed my life in positive ways. It’s getting people off the couch and out of the house. Pokemon Go gives friends something fun to do and get excited about. When we play it, we feel like giddy little kids again. That’s a feeling that can only be matched by smoking a nice fat bowl.

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How much do you love to smoke and play Pokemon Go? Share your stories in the comments!