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Pipes vs Water Pieces: Which Is Better?

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The question of whether a water piece is superior to a pipe is one that stoners have been battling out for decades now. Everyone is inclined to say that water pieces are better without missing a beat. The truth is that pipes are better in some aspects than water pieces. Of course, there are also things that water pieces are better suited for. Which one is better?

Water Pieces Give You A Smoother Hit

Water pieces give you a much smoother hit than pipes, simply because of the fact that they have water in them. The water filters the smoke and ensures that you’re primarily taking in THC. Of course the only way to completely avoid inhaling noxious chemicals is to vape, but we’ll discuss that at a later time.

Pipes Don’t Stink

Anyone who owns a water piece knows that they start to smell really bad if you don’t clean them enough. You really should be cleaning your water piece after every time you use it, but hey, we get busy and forget to do it, or get baked and decide that it’s too much effort. Pipes don’t need to be cleaned as often as water pieces and even when they get clogged they don’t have the assy smell of a dirty bong.

Water Pieces Taste SO Much Better

When it comes to the difference in taste between a pipe and a water piece, water pieces win hands down every time. There is really no comparison. Again, this is because of the water and the way that it filters the smoke as you inhale it. This only applies to clean water pieces. Hits from a bong that hasn’t been cleaned in a grip taste like shit.

Pipes Are More Portable

Have you ever tried to pack a bong or a bubbler anywhere? It is not a fun task, I can tell you. The only way you can really pack one is in a backpack or large bag. Even then, the shape is awkward and not very inconspicuous. Plus, you have to worry about carrying the bowl with you if it’s a bong. Pipes on the other hand can be concealed pretty easily in a bag. You can even buy a padded case for a pipe that not only safely holds your pipe, but your cannabis and a lighter too.

Water Pieces Are Better For Greenhorns

I remember when I took my first hit out of a water piece after smoking from a pipe for a couple weeks. The difference was like night and day. I didn’t cough nearly as much as I had smoking from the pipe and I was better able to enjoy my hit. Water pieces are also great for greenhorns who wish to build up a tolerance so that they can keep up with everyone else.

Pipes Are Quiet

Water pieces (especially bongs) are loud. While the sound of a big bong hit is very pleasing to the ears, sometimes you’re in a situation where you need to keep your smoking secret. Pipes are ideal for those late night smoking sessions when you don’t want to risk waking other people in the house up.

Water Pieces Get You Higher

Water pieces are more efficient than smoking from a pipe. A water piece will not only get you higher, it will also get you high more quickly than smoking from a pipe. Why wouldn’t you want to get high faster? You’re a busy person and you’ve got things to do. Water pieces are also better for those of us with a higher tolerance. Water pieces go the distance when a pipe just won’t cut it.

Pipes Use Less

On the other hand, dry pieces use up less of your stash than a bong or a bubbler. This is especially handy when you’re running low. Pipes will also keep your tolerance lower longer than smoking out of a water piece because you’re smoking less.

So, which one is superior? They both come out even. Pipes are better in some situations and water pieces are better for others, so it really depends on your situation. There are times when I prefer a pipe, like when I’m smoking solo, or I’m not looking to get super baked. Most of the time, I’m probably going to go with a water piece, for the reasons outlined above. So which is better? It depends on what you want out of your smoke sesh.

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