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Pet Owners! Don’t Let Your Dog Eat Your Stash!

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Cannabis legalization has resulted in a lot of good things. Traffic fatalities are down because people aren’t drinking and driving as often. Colorado is using some of its cannabis tax revenue to help needy kids afford a college education. People are using cannabis to get off from dangerous prescription pills. There is one negative thing: veterinarians are seeing an increase in cases where pets are ingesting their owner’s stash. Pet owners! You all need to be more careful! Keep your stash out of reach of your pets!

When I say stash, I’m referring to primarily edibles. I don’t think your dog is going to go snatch a nug off of your nug tray when you’re looking the other way, that is unless your dog is an asshole. Edibles on the other hand, are food, and you’d better believe that the brownie you are about to eat looks and smells appetizing to your dog.

Animals aren’t affected by THC the same way that humans are, according to the Humane Society of Boulder Valley. They only feel the physical effects, which can be severe and last for days. Also, don’t be bad pet owners and blow your smoke in your pet’s face. 

You might have been hearing that more people are giving cannabis to their pets, but that is a different situation. The cannabis being given to animals has no THC and is completely non psychoactive. It’s also given under the supervision of a vet, and in very specific doses.

So, make sure that you are careful about where you are storing your stash. Store it somewhere out of reach. Don’t leave it on the kitchen table, or even on the kitchen counter (if your dog is of a larger breed). When walking your dog, be mindful of things that your pet might be eating from off the ground, particularly if you’re in a park or somewhere a lot of people like to gather. I’m not saying someone would intentionally leave edibles on the ground for animals to eat, but people do tend to drop things on accident.

If your dog does end up accidentally consuming cannabis, then your best bet is to call the Pet Poison Hotline. Humans can’t die from cannabis, but animals can if they take too much.  Be good pet owners; keep an eye on your stash at all times.

Image Source: Imgur

Has your pet ever eaten your stash? Got any stories to share? Tell us in the comments!