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Patriots Bench Malcolm Butler and Lose the Super Bowl

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AFC Champions and perpetual winners the New England Patriots lost the big game on Sunday night. Now as a little bit of Monday (Tuesday, whatever) quarterbacking, what if they lost because they benched Malcolm Butler for using cannabis? It’s possible. Karma is a binch Bill Belichick!

When coach made the decisions to bench Butler on Sunday night, he said it was because of an illness, a tough practice, and a minor team violation, according to Fox News. On Monday morning, when discussing the team’s unexpected loss to the Eagles, Belichick admitted that it was “a bit more complicated than that.”

Butler had a bit more to say in an interview with ESPN Sunday night after the Super Bowl. “They gave up on me. F—. It is what it is,” Butler said “I don’t know what it was. I guess I wasn’t playing good or they didn’t feel comfortable. I don’t know. But I could have changed that game.” There’s no way of knowing that now, but Butler is most likely right.

A former teammate said that Butler had been benched because he had been caught with cannabis and a woman after curfew. If that is the case, then that is pretty badass and it’s Belichick’s own fault that his team dropped the ball.

This is one of the many reasons why the NFL should allow their players to use cannabis. If they did, perhaps the Patriots would have won on Sunday night. Reap what you sow Patriots.

Source: Fox News

Image Source: Sports Illustrated

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