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Oregon News Anchor Fired For Marijuana Use

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The AP reports that Cyd Maurer, a weekend morning anchor at the ABC affiliate KEZI-TV in Eugene, has been fired for marijuana use. This decision was made regardless of the fact that she has never been under the influence while on the job.

Maurer claims that a minor accident prompted a drug test for insurance purposes. When the results showed she had trace amounts of marijuana in her system, the hammer came down without a second thought. She claimed she had enjoyed cannabis a few days prior to the incident, and that it would have had no effect on the outcome.

“I don’t fit the lazy stupid loser stereotype,” she told the Associated Press, which doesn’t exactly make us more sympathetic to her cause, but we understand what she means. She reinforced that she is a responsible user and would never mix her personal recreational decisions with her professional life.

This comes after the passage of Measure 91 last November, which legalized marijuana consumption and possession for recreational use starting July 1st of this year.

Cannabis legalization came into effect a few months after Maurer’s marijuana test, though there’s no telling whether that may have made a difference. Employers still have the right to terminate employees for failing a drug test, even if marijuana has been legalized in the state.

Maurer has become an activist for marijuana tolerance since being fired for marijuana use. She now runs a website,, where she discusses her position in depth.