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Oregon Holds First-Ever Cannabis Competition At State Fair

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This past weekend, the Oregon Cannabis Grower’s Fair took place at the Oregon State Fair, making it the first cannabis growing competition to take place at a state fair. Cannabis was legalized for recreational use back in 2014.

Ed Rosenthal, aka the Guru of Ganja, thoroughly examined dozens of cannabis plants. He and other judges chose the nine healthiest looking plants, which will be displayed at the Oregon State Fair in a couple weeks.

Local growers believe that winning would be great for their businesses and are very excited that cannabis is finally beginning to gain legitimacy. “It’s nice for us to be stepping across the line and say, ‘Here we are, and we’re ready to do business,” said James Knox, owner of Savant Plant Technologies. “For those of us who have been doing this a long time, this is a breath of fresh air because we’re able to work openly and in the light.”

The Oregon Cannabis Grower’s Fair was the project of cannabis grower Donald Morse said that the fair was meant to educate people about cannabis, not get them to use it. “It’s not to tempt people to use marijuana. It is to educate. Cannabis is Oregon’s newest farm crop,”Morse said.

The Oregon Cannabis Grower’s Fair was very well attended by all different members of the cannabis industry. It stands to reason that whomever ends up winning this competition will see a huge spike in sales. Yeah, it would’ve been cooler if the plants were allowed buds, but at the same time cannabis is now a part of the Oregon State Fair, so baby steps.

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