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Oregon County Considers Cannabis Ban

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As recreational marijuana grows in Oregon, some local constituencies are getting nervous about the implications they claim are not yet well known. With legalization taking effect in July and recreational marijuana shops set to open in early October of this year, a cannabis ban in Deschutes County would certainly take things a step in the wrong direction.

The public hearing is set for this Wednesday morning. Among the participants will be a mix of concerned community members and well-informed leaders in Oregon’s burgeoning marijuana industry. At this point, they will only discuss the possibility and potential implications of a county-wide cannabis ban.

Canna Tea LLC, a local company that currently produces medical marijuana and seeks to popularize cannabis tea, has said they will be there to educate participants at the hearing.

They currently operate a 20-acre farm that serves more than 40 medical marijuana patients throughout the state. More than 120 jobs have been created by Canna Tea, with the opportunity for many more once recreational sales begin.

The company’s CEO, Rustin Kluge, recently explained his position to Central Oregon’s The Bulletin.

“We feel the more we can educate the community about how this industry is working, the better off we’ll be. We understand the fears or reactions we’re getting. We understand that.”

It’s safe to say that the recreational marijuana industry has vast economic potential. The question is whether the kind people of Deschutes County are interested in benefitting from that despite fearing the worst. Perhaps the right facts and information can help them make a decision.