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One-Hitters, A Stoner’s Ultimate Toke ‘N’ Go Tool

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When thinking of new glass to buy, I don’t usually start small and work my way up, I usually go for the nice desk bongs and dab rigs, but it’s important not to forget about the smaller necessities. If you’re going on vacation, moving, or simply trying to conserve, one-hitters can be your best friend. That being said, it’s important to know exactly what type of one-hitter you’re looking for, and what features you’d expect out of the pipe, hopefully this short guide can get you started!


Chillums are one-hitter pipes that start very thin at the mouthpiece, and expand outward towards the bowl. They’re typically made out of wood, clay, stone, and glass. To hit it, one need simply load up the far end of the pipe with a little amount of herb, light and inhale slowly. Chillums have been known to be notorious for scooby snacks if you don’t know what you’re doing. While chillums are the best type of one-hitter for getting the biggest rips, without practice, trying to take massive rips off a chilllum will surely result in an ashy hit. Practice makes perfect, however you can also look into getting some screens to fit into your pipe, and that’ll help reduce the ashy feedback.

Dugout System

Dugout Systems are a type of one-hitter system that is usually a small wooden box with carved stash sections meant to hold a pipe. Most of the time, these dugout stash boxes will also include sections to stash your herb, so whenever you bust the pipe out, you also have access to some herb. Plenty of dugout systems come with a one-hitter bat for use, however many bats fit to a standard size, and allow you to choose your own pipe, such as the Digger One-Hitter, which is superb for dugouts, in my opinion. For this reason, I think dugouts are the perfect tool for going on road trips, or any kind of vacation. They’re small, discrete, and incredibly easy to use and clean.

One-Hitter Pipes (AKA Bats)

Standard one-hitters are simply glass or metal pipes that are meant to fit into one’s hand, and to only hold one or two rips worth of bud at a time. While technically chillums are a form of one-hitter, chillums specifically have a widening bowl-ending, whereas one-hitters in general simply encourage limited bowl-size and discrete use. Metal one-hitter pipes, also known as “bats,” are quite common due to their durable make and easy-to-use nature. If you simply are looking for a durable, easy to use pipe for tokingĀ on the go, and don’t need a stash box, I’d recommend looking into a metal bat for sure.

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What’s your favorite style of one-hitter? Share your dream piece in the comments!